9 Benefits of aluminium Shutters

Non corrosive 

Aluminium naturally has very good corrosion resistance, this is because aluminium forms a thin oxide layer that protects itself from further rust damage occurring. The Aluminium oxide layer is thin impermeable and if damaged repairs itself immediately. What does all this means for your aluminium shutters, simply put, they will last for years even in a corrosive environment. 


Aluminium is highly reflective, great news for reflecting away the sun in summer months, by closing the blinds you will keep your room cool in summer months. However, when closed aluminium shutters will also help trap the existing heat in the room, perfect for winter months when you want to use heaters and keep as much of that warm air escaping though outside through windows.

As strong as steel but much lighter

Typically Aluminium is around 25% lighter than steel while offering close to the same strength. this means that your aluminium shutters will be as strong as steel but light and easy to handle. For this reason you can expect incredible durability and years of satisfaction out of a set of Aluminium shutters. 

Cost effective

While aluminium may look very high end and modern it is in fact one of the cheaper options in venetian shutters. Don’t let aluminium’s sleek shiny designer appearance fool you, it is a very affordable option for window covering.

Highly durable

With strength like steel, and a natural barrier against corrosion it is fair to say that Aluminium Shutters are perhaps the most durable of all shutter types. you can expect your aluminium shutters to last years with very little maintenance. simply a light dusting and they will come up looking like new for years and years.

Modern stylish look

Aluminium shutters looks great everywhere, but it really shines in beautiful modern style homes, or even for renovators that want to bring that modern feel to there home. Sleek, shiny, hard edged, and modern looking, aluminium shutters have been a go to for years for many top architects to give a finishing touch to modern and minimalistic look homes.

Used on a large variety of window shapes and sizes

Aluminium Shutters come in a huge range of opening types, colors, sizes, frame styles, and louder sizes, making them one of our most configurable shutter types. This means that no matter your needs we will be able to design an aluminium shutter that works for you. 

Lots of colour and finish options

From glossy white to satin black and everything in-between, the great thing about aluminium shutters as that they can be powder coated this leaves for an endless range of colours to choose from. We can custom powder coat your aluminium shutters to any colour to suit any style of home talk to our friendly staff of how we can customise your blinds today.

Easy to install 

Aluminium Shutters are light weight, durable, and easy to install, designed and cut to fit perfectly you wont have any complications when it comes to fitting aluminium shutters in your home

If you are interested in fitting your home with aluminium shutters we suggestion you come into our store or call one of our aluminium shutters Brisbane experts to find out how we can help design the dream shutters for your home.


8 benefits of Timber Shutters


Could timber shutters be the perfect next buy for your Brisbane home?

Timber shutters are always a popular window shutter option for a practical and visually pleasing addition to the home, but did you know that they come with many more advantages than just their timeless elegant looks.
here you will find the 8 benefits when you order your timber shutters through one of our Brisbane specialists

1. Versatility

Ezilux Timber Shutters are available in a wide range of sizes to be able to fit just about any window perfectly. EziLux offers a range of options for the perfect frame of any window style L-frame, T-frame Z-frame and U-channel.

With 3 louvre size options, 5 opening type options and a huge range of colours available Ezilux Timber Shutters are highly customisable for your home.

2. Timber shutters are an investment

Timber shutters look beautiful from both the inside and outside of the home, with an upscale appearance but a lower price point than most designer curtains or drapes timber shutters can quickly add value to the resale of a home.

The best news is these shutters are versatile enough for any home from traditional to modern. Timber shutters also are not going out of fashion any time soon, they have stood the test of time and have been used for decades without dating so you can buy now knowing that in 10 years time they will still look great.

Ezilux offers timber in 3 beautiful different wood grains; Western Red Cedar, Basswood, and Paulownia Hardwood

3. No Strings

No longer will you have to tug and pull on a clump of tangled cords, when it comes to adjusting panel angle life with timber shutters will be a breeze.

Our shutters do not have strings to adjust them making your home safer for small children and pets in your home.

4. Privacy when you want it

Timber shutters allow you to choose the level of privacy available at all times, fully open, half shut, or fully closed and are well suited for those that want to ensure extra privacy for there homes, appartments or offices.

5. Timber shutters are low maintenance

Timber shutters require very low maintenance when you compare them to other window covering options. They also wont fade much over time like drapes, shades or curtains can.
Dust wont settle on the shutters like it can on fabric curtains and blinds, just a quick wipe and your shutters will be looking clean and dust free. Perfect for allergy sufferers that need to avoid dusty environments.

6. Insulation

Timber shutters add an extra level of isolation to your home. When installed correctly they can help keep warmth and heat in possibly reducing heating costs and your power bills during the winter months.

Likewise in summer timber shutters can be kept partially closed to keep heat out, deflect sunlight and allow fresh air to circulate and cool your home.

7. UV protection and flexible light control.

Timber shutters allow you to quickly and easily choose how much light enters a room, great for keeping rooms dark allowing for optimal sleeping conditions. The shutters also can be angled in many ways giving you control to keep the sun off of flooring or furniture helping reduce ageing and deterioration from harmful UV rays.

8. Built to Last

Timber shutters are built to last. Correctly installed they should outlast the life of your home, they are a permanent addition to the home and unlike many other window covering options should not need to be replaced in the future.

So there you have it 8 great reasons why Timber Shutters might just be the perfect option for your home. If you are interested in talking to us about your options when it comes to Shutters call us to day, and speak with a Timber Shutter Brisbane experts here at Ezilux.


Are You Trying To Decide Between Shutters and Curtains?

Shutters v.s. Curtains, it’s a tough choice we know, and we don’t envy you for having to choose! A lot of the clients we work with faced the same unknowns, so we’re hoping this article can help you make a smart, informed decision you’ll love for the years to come.

Naturally, there are benefits to installing either shutters or curtains (lists below), however one benefit we have to highlight upfront is energy efficiency. Shutters are designed to keep heat in on cold nights and keep heat out during our smouldering Queensland summers. Even if you have wall and roof insulation, high-quality air-conditioning units, double-glazed windows and door seals, installing shutters will save you significant power in Queensland’s extremes. You can read more about this here.

We just wanted to highlight this upfront, as energy efficiency is a benefit shutters offer that curtains don’t. So let’s get into it, with:

Shutters V.S. Curtains, What Are The Pros And Cons?

Advantages Of Curtains:

Formality: Curtains can be more formal than other options, and in Australia, carry a sense of Victorian or ballroom nostalgia. They’re a good option for a formal room but you may need to consider if you are ever going to change furniture, if so then be very careful when investing in high-end curtains.
Installation Cost: Curtains come in cheap, to expensive options depending on their material and level of tailoring that you need. Cheap curtains are cheaper to install than shutters, most higher-end curtains and drapes can cost more to install than shutters.
Flexibility: If you have a flair for interior design, you might like to change your curtains to suit the seasons. This is not something most of us do, but changing curtains is cheaper than changing shutters.

Disadvantages Of Curtains:

Durability: This is one of the biggest downfalls of curtains, they can quickly fade, especially when exposed to our harsh Queensland sun. Even heavy-duty curtains are prone to fading and even tearing if you’ve got an active household. They’re fabric, so naturally, they’re far less lasting than shutters.
Maintenance: If you’re serious about health or have allergies in your family, you will need to clean your curtains regularly. They trap and keep dirt and dust, and this leads to a multitude of allergy issues.

Advantages Of Shutters:

Style: Shutters are famous for being timeless, regardless of your furniture, the year or season. Shutters are used in 5-star resorts all over the world for their look and feel, and are the first choice in countries like Spain and Italy who share similar climates to us. You can see some timeless shutter designs here.
Longevity: Shutters are remarkably durable, they can be installed permanently on your windows. EziLux’s PolyShield Shutters come with a 25-year manufacturing, finish and installation warranty. Shutters are by far the best long-term option.
Insulation: Shutters are fantastic insulators, especially up here in Queensland. They are far better than curtains or even blinds when it comes to insulation, and this means lower power bills.
Maintenance: Shutters require little maintenance. Now and then you may need to use a wet rag to wipe away any dust, but that’s all you will need to do. Quality shutters like EziLux PolyShield Shutters have a coating that is dust, water, scratch and stain resistant.
Cost: Shutters are incredibly cost-effective due to their long-term durability, the ability to suit almost every piece of furniture and low maintenance.

Disadvantages Of Shutters:
Formality: While shutters come in different styles and textures like wood to perfectly compliment most periods and furniture styles, if you do have a special Victorian style room shutters may not suit as well as curtain or blinds. Speak with an Ezilux consultant to see which works best for your room!

The Choice Is Yours!

Ultimately, while shutters provide significantly more benefits, have a timeless design and remarkable warranties like our 25-year PolyShield warranty, the decision comes down to a combination of upfront cost and personal preference. We hope this article has helped, if you would like to know more please just get in touch with our friendly team.

benefits of window shutters

10 Brilliant Benefits of Window Shutters

Before you decide to replace those old-fashioned curtains or broken blinds with more of the same, it might be worth taking a few minutes and have a look into upgrading your home with shutters!

There are a lot of advantages to installing shutters over curtains or blinds, and today we’re going to highlight 10 brilliant benefits:
1. Your Shutters Will Always Look Luxurious
Due to their timeless look, window shutters are one feature you’ll often find in many 4 and 5-star luxury resorts around the world. They have clean, simple lines and the design of shutters adds instant style to any room, inside and out. The best part, shutters will continue to make your home look luxurious for the decades to come, even when the rest of your home changes.
2. Shutters Can Reduce Your Energy Bills
Along with their timeless looks, window shutters can make your energy bills look better too. It’s estimated that up to 30% of the warmth in a room can be lost through its windows. Correctly fitted shutters help keep the warmth in during the colder winter months, and keep the heat out during summer, meaning lower bills for running your heating or air conditioning and a greener solution for our planet.
3. Better Control Your Sunlight with Shutters
Window shutters give you ultimate control over the amount of sunlight that you’d like in a room. Closed completely, they’ll keep the room dark and prevent the heat of the sun getting in. But unlike curtains, shutters can be positioned to let exactly how much sunlight you want in. You can angle them to prevent direct light, or choose to let streams of sunlight wash into your room.
4. Shutters Can Carry Less Dust, Perfect for Allergies
Curtains and blinds are renowned for attracting and trapping dust, which looks awful and can trigger allergies in some people. Cleaning curtains and blinds is also a hassle and super time intensive. Shutters gather much less dust and can be cleaned quickly and easily with a simple wipe down.
5. Get More Privacy with Window Shutters
If you have windows that open to the street, neighbours or apartment blocks, you might have to choose between closing curtains to retain your privacy but losing light, or letting light in but also any prying eyes! Window shutters are the perfect solution, angle the lower louvres so people can’t see in, but keep the higher ones open to fill your room with sunlight. Window shutters are designed so that you have complete privacy in your home.

Contact our friendly team today if you have a window that you would like to make more private: 1300 394 589
6. Often Shutters Last Longer Than Blinds or Curtains
Shutters are extremely durable and can be built to last for years longer than other window coverings. Once installed, you may not need have to replace them if they are durable. Shutters are also easy to paint so you can simply change their colour too if you like, as opposed to buying expensive new curtains or blinds. Because shutters last longer, you’ll be much better off financially installing shutters now too.
7. Shutters May Provide Excellent Sound Insulation
The solid construction of modern window shutters does more than just insulate temperature; they may also help to insulate sound as well. When your shutters are fully closed, you could have a solid sound barrier in front of your windows to reduce noise from outside, or if you like to play movies or music, your shutters can help keep the noise down for your neighbours!
8. So Simple a Child Can Use Them
Ever found yourself struggling to pull the right drawstring, or yank a blind down that just refuses to move? These aren’t issues with shutters, their strong construction and simple operation mean they’re super easy to use, even for your younger family members.
9. No Strings Attached with Window Shutters
As well as being difficult to use, curtain or blind strings can become knotted and unsightly, as well as posing a potential danger for children and pets. Forget those frustrating strings with window shutters.
10. Perfect for Any Window Sizes
From small bathroom windows to large feature windows, shutters can be built to fit any size and shape, bringing elegance to your home’s appearance, functionality and will increase your home’s value.
There’s a reason why most luxury resorts hold to  shutters, simply for the experience of luxury at ease, and you could experience this in your home, with EziLux. If you would like to know more about installing window shutters in your home, please get in touch with our friendly team today at 1300 394 589


PolyShield Shutters, Lower Energy Bills the Beginning

Once a feature of almost every home in the world before air-conditioning and heating were developed, window shutters are now coming back into fashion big time, and for a good reason. Modern PolyShield shutters are stunningly stylish and offer some remarkable benefits, many of which can save you money with their ability to make your home more energy efficient.

Let’s look at the major benefits of PolyShield Shutters:

1. PolyShield Shutters Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

The very reason that shutters were originally fitted to home windows was that they keep heat in. Up to 30% of a room’s warmth can be lost through its windows. The surface of the glass, exposed to the outside air is cold, and when the warm air in the room reaches it, it loses its heat and drops to the floor. More warm air is then exposed to the glass, is cooled, and the cycle continues, resulting in an uncomfortable room temperature.

By fitting shutters, a large amount of this heat loss can be avoided, meaning it will take less heating to keep your home at the temperature you want. And energy efficiency is not only good for your wallet through lower energy bills, but also good for the planet.

2. Shutters Are Good, PolyShield Shutters Are Better

Most shutters are going to help you save on heating or cooling your home, but PolyShield Shutters do it more efficiently! This eco-friendly material insulates up to 70% more efficiently than wooden shutters and an astonishing 1600% more efficiently than aluminium blinds. If you’re considering installing shutters in your home, it’s hard to go past a product that will make your house and your heating bill look great.

3. Save On Maintenance While You’re at It

Unlike wooden shutters, PolyShield Shutters are made from a stylish, durable material that is UV stabilised to ensure that they don’t fade over time or require repainting. PolyShield Shutters are engineered to withstand extremes of heat, humidity, they are fire-retardant and completely impervious to termites. Put simply, the elegant PolyShield Shutters you install today will look just as good in the decades to come. You’re not just saving on energy bills; you’re also saving on maintenance and upkeep.

4. A Beautiful Window Feature That’s Beautifully Versatile

Another useful attribute of the PolyShield material is its water resistance. This makes PolyShield Shutters an ideal choice for climates that have high humidity, but even if you don’t live in a high humidity environment, the water-resistant properties mean you can use PolyShield Shutters in places where traditional wooden shutters could potentially warp. For example, over a sink, in a bathroom, or even near a swimming pool.

5. An Australian-made product for Australian conditions

If you do some research online, you’ll find that most shutters currently available in Australia are manufactured overseas and imported. PolyShield Shutters are proudly made right here in Australia to the highest of manufacturing standards, so you can enjoy their stylish contemporary looks and benefits while supporting top Australian workers.

If you are considering shutters and would like to know more about PolyShield Shutters, and how this smart, stylish solution can help you save money on your heating and cooling, please get in contact with the friendly team at 1300 394 589 today.


Australian Made Shutters Brisbane

Selecting shutters for your home or office

Have you decided that you would like to install shutters in your home or office? Well you have made a great decision. Practical, durable, and a great way to create more privacy and provide shade within your living or work space, shutters are a stylish way to provide practical solutions for your home.

Once you have decided to install shutters in your home or office the next question you will be faced with is; from what material, would you like your shutters to be custom manufactured? Timber, Aluminium, or PollyShield, each has their advantages, and while for many it might all come down to a simple taste in colour or style it is worth noting some of the practical and atheistic advantages of each.

Our Timber shutters are a favourite with customers looking for old fashion, natural, classic looks. Often grain colour is a big factor for our timber shutter customers, for this reason we have shutters available in three different timbers; Australian made Western Red Cedar, Basswood, And Paulownia Hardwood. With these options finding a grain to match the style of your home or office is assured.

One of the great benefits of wooden shutters is that they can be manufactured into a very large variety of shapes, Round, Sunburst, Oval, Half-moon, Triangle, even Hexagonal. This adds a lot of room to play for the creative home decorator and designer.

When choosing timber shutters usually classic style, shutter shape, and grain of the timber is what our customers are searching for. We can however paint your wooden shutters in a large variety of colours to match the ambient of the space where they will be installed.

5 opening options, 4 frame styles, 3 louver size options and the ability to manufacture a large variety of shapes, timber shutters can be customized to fit almost any window size and shape.

Aluminium shutters offer a sleek metallic modern feel to any home or office. A benefit that a lot of our customers love with Aluminium is the almost never-ending variety of colours you can choose from. At EziLux we can powder coat your shutters to any colour that you can imagine. Glossy, modern, sleek. The solid feel and durability of the metal also adds to the appeal, built with reinforced metals, built to last years on end.

With 4 shutter opening options, 3 frame styles and 3 louver size options Aluminium shutters can be easily customised to suit a wide range of window needs.

Perhaps our customers favourite Shutter, the PolyShield has a wide range of benefits. While only available in 2 colours pure white, and natural white, the physical properties of polyvinyl more than make up for this limitation. Water and UV resistant, Fire Retardant, no need to worry about termites, or rust and backed by a huge 25year guarantee, these are some of the reasons our customer love and choose PolyShield shutters.

6 shutter opening options, 4 frame styles, and 2 louver size options, the PolyShield is very customisable to suit almost any window size and shape.

At the end of the day, the shutter material you choose for your home or office will ultimately come down to, functionality, style, colour, price, and how customised your personal needs are. With all our available materials, customisation options, and years of experience we are certain that we can match you with your dream shutters adding style, value, and comfort to your home or office space.

Give us a call, get in contact with one of our experts now and get started tail suiting your perfect shutters with us.

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