Why We Stand Out

EziLux Blinds and Shutters Brisbane offers the most luxurious designs in window coverings on the market featuring the latest innovative,
aesthetically pleasing, top quality improvements in window treatments. Find the best complimentary window coverings to suit your home from shutters to blinds and everything in between. Discover the ease of use with our new advanced features and stunning design.


    Transform your home or office with our stunning Brisbane made Polyshield Shutters, remarkably robust Aluminium and natural Timber Shutters, or our superior quality Roller and Venetian Blinds. Our luxury Shutters are made right here in Brisbane, offering the best in:

    Timeless Shutters

    If you have a beautiful home, like a stunning Queenslander here in Brisbane, a luxury penthouse perched over river or beach shack, you’ll love our timeless our Shutters to complement and add to your home. Our Brisbane made and manufactured Shutters are designed to match your home or office decor, and provide the ultimate in looks and privacy.

    All Australian Made Shutters

    You can support Australian jobs while buying great quality Shutters, we’re talking about our Polyshield Shutters that are manufactured right here in Brisbane Australia. And because we make our Shutters in Brisbane, they’re designed to withstand the harshest of Australian condition. They won’t crack, chip, warp or hold moisture like many inferior imports.

    A Full 25 Year Warranty on PolyShield Shutters

    Our PolyShield Shutters are remarkably durable and can be installed on any window without warping our fading. We’re so confident that EziLux Shutters will stand the test of time, that we offer a comprehensive 25-year manufacturing warranty. Love the confidence of installing your very own Brisbane made Shutters.

    Choose From A Stunning Range

    If you need help finding the perfect Shutters or Blinds for your dream home or modern office, simply get in touch with our friendly local Brisbane Shutters team on 1300 394 589. We can help you select from our Brisbane made Shutters, robust Aluminium and natural Timber Shutters, or our leading quality Roller and Venetian Blinds.

    Free Measure And Quote

    Our smart, stylish and superior Polyshield Shutters, along with our Aluminium Shutters, Timber Shutters and our quality Roller and Venetian Blinds are not only available at competitive prices, but also come with a free measure and quote. Simply contact the friendly EziLux Brisbane  team today to book your free in-home or office consultation.

    The Ultimate In Versatility

    Indoors or outdoors, our PolyShield Shutters Brisbane are fire-retardant, impervious to termites and fully water resistant, making them perfect for climates like those in Queensland with high humidity. This also means you can use your Brisbane made PolyShield Shutters anywhere, like in your kitchen, bathroom, or even near your swimming pool

    Low Maintenance

    When you’re transforming your home or office with Ezilux’s Brisbane made Polyshield Shutters, robust Aluminium and Timber Shutters, or quality Roller and Venetian Blinds, having a low maintenance product is important for our modern, time poor lifestyles. Our products, especially our PolyShield Shutters offer new levels of low maintenance. Just ask us!

    Reduce Your Electricity Bills

    Ezilux Shutters can also reduce your energy bills. Did you know that up to 30% of a room’s heating or cooling can be lost through its windows, especially during those boiling hot Queensland summers? With our Polyshield Shutters, you’ll need less heating or air conditioning energy all year round, making your Shutters a greener solution too.

    White Shutters

    Ezilux in Brisbane can help you find the ultimate in Shutters!

    Our Shutters are famous for a reason, with our Shutters being installed in some of the most stunning Brisbane homes, apartments, offices and 5-star resorts. Our clients love their timeless look, feel, durability and low maintenance. 

If you’d like to see some of our Polyshield Shutters Brisbane, there’s a showcase gallery here or feel free to browse all of our Shutters and Blinds.

    If you would like to know more about installing Window Shutters or Blinds in your home, please get in touch with the friendly Ezilux Blinds and Shutters Brisbane team today on 1300 394 589.


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