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October 02, 2023

10 Brilliant Benefits of Window Shutters

Before you decide to replace those old-fashioned curtains or broken blinds with more of the same, it might be worth taking a few minutes and have a look into upgrading your home with shutters!

There are a lot of advantages to installing shutters over curtains or blinds, and today we’re going to highlight 10 brilliant benefits:

1. Your Shutters Will Always Look Luxurious

Due to their timeless look, window shutters are one feature you’ll often find in many 4 and 5-star luxury resorts around the world. They have clean, simple lines and the design of shutters adds instant style to any room, inside and out. The best part, shutters will continue to make your home look luxurious for the decades to come, even when the rest of your home changes.

2. Shutters Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

Along with their timeless looks, window shutters can make your energy bills look better too. It’s estimated that up to 30% of the warmth in a room can be lost through its windows. Correctly fitted shutters help keep the warmth in during the colder winter months, and keep the heat out during summer, meaning lower bills for running your heating or air conditioning and a greener solution for our planet.

3. Better Control Your Sunlight with Shutters

Window shutters give you ultimate control over the amount of sunlight that you’d like in a room. Closed completely, they’ll keep the room dark and prevent the heat of the sun getting in. But unlike curtains, shutters can be positioned to let exactly how much sunlight you want in. You can angle them to prevent direct light, or choose to let streams of sunlight wash into your room.

4. Shutters Can Carry Less Dust, Perfect for Allergies

Curtains and blinds are renowned for attracting and trapping dust, which looks awful and can trigger allergies in some people. Cleaning curtains and blinds is also a hassle and super time intensive. Shutters gather much less dust and can be cleaned quickly and easily with a simple wipe down.

5. Get More Privacy with Window Shutters

If you have windows that open to the street, neighbours or apartment blocks, you might have to choose between closing curtains to retain your privacy but losing light, or letting light in but also any prying eyes! Window shutters are the perfect solution, angle the lower louvres so people can’t see in, but keep the higher ones open to fill your room with sunlight. Window shutters are designed so that you have complete privacy in your home.

Contact our friendly team today if you have a window that you would like to make more private: 07 3556 4341

6. Often Shutters Last Longer Than Blinds or Curtains

Shutters are extremely durable and can be built to last for years longer than other window coverings. Once installed, you may not need have to replace them if they are durable. Shutters are also easy to paint so you can simply change their colour too if you like, as opposed to buying expensive new curtains or blinds. Because shutters last longer, you’ll be much better off financially installing shutters now too.

7. Shutters May Provide Excellent Sound Insulation

The solid construction of modern window shutters does more than just insulate temperature; they may also help to insulate sound as well. When your shutters are fully closed, you could have a solid sound barrier in front of your windows to reduce noise from outside, or if you like to play movies or music, your shutters can help keep the noise down for your neighbours!

8. So Simple a Child Can Use Them

Ever found yourself struggling to pull the right drawstring, or yank a blind down that just refuses to move? These aren’t issues with shutters, their strong construction and simple operation mean they’re super easy to use, even for your younger family members.

9. No Strings Attached with Window Shutters

As well as being difficult to use, curtain or blind strings can become knotted and unsightly, as well as posing a potential danger for children and pets. Forget those frustrating strings with window shutters.

10. Perfect for Any Window Sizes

From small bathroom windows to large feature windows, shutters can be built to fit any size and shape, bringing elegance to your home’s appearance, functionality and will increase your home’s value.

There’s a reason why most luxury resorts hold to  shutters, simply for the experience of luxury at ease, and you could experience this in your home, with EziLux. If you would like to know more about installing window shutters in your home, please get in touch with our friendly team today at 07 3556 4341

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