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Our Best Selling Custom Plantation Shutters

 At EziLux we offer a variety of uniquely designed plantation shutters in Brisbane, customised to your personal needs. From our environmental friendly, Australian made PolyShield Shutters, to our very natural, versatile Timber Shutters (top quality imports). Discover the benefits of our shutters over traditional curtains and blinds, see why most people are choosing our custom made plantation shutters over anything else on the market. At EziLux, we offer Australian made Shutters that can be tailored-made for your individual home or office. The benefits of Shutters over traditional window coverings is remarkable, and the type of Shutter that’s right for you really depends on where you want to install them.

The Ultimate Shutter

PolyShield Shutters

Made from environmentally friendly, highly durable thermo polymer foam, our PolyShield Shutters are exclusively designed and manufactured right here in Australia by EziLux.

When compared to more traditional Shutters, PolyShield Shutters don’t crack, chip warp or hold moisture, and are designed to never go out of fashion, no matter what decor you choose.

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timber plantation shutters in dark wood

Solid yet lightweight

Timber Shutters

While PolyShield Shutters are our first choice, little can replace the look of traditional Timber Shutters when you’re trying to compliment a unique room or scenic view to bushlands.

Our range includes imported European Basswood Shutters and Paulownia Shutters that are gaining in popularity for their solid yet lightweight construction and bold looks.

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Secure and Durable

Aluminium Shutters

Uniquely, Aluminium Shutters can be used either indoors or outdoors, in places like balcony enclosures, external privacy screens and even creating an outdoor living space that will enhance your home or business areas.

Made from reinforced extruded aluminium and manufactured right here in Brisbane, our top quality Aluminium Shutters provide additional security and durability.

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Polyshield Shutters

Fast Turnaround

Because we manufacture our PolyShield Shutters here in Brisbane, we can offer you a 3 week turnaround time!

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If you’re looking for smart, stylish, superior Shutters at competitive prices, contact the friendly EziLux team today on 1300 394 589, or click here to book your free in-home or office consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shutters are timeless!

If you have a beautiful home, like a stunning Queenslander here in Brisbane, a luxury penthouse perched over river or beach shack, you’ll love our timeless our Shutters to complement and add to your home. Our Brisbane made and manufactured Shutters are designed to match your home or office decor, and provide the ultimate in looks and privacy.

Yes, we offer a full 25 year warranty on PolyShield Shutters

Our PolyShield Shutters are remarkably durable and can be installed on any window without warping our fading. We’re so confident that EziLux Shutters will stand the test of time, that we offer a comprehensive 25-year manufacturing warranty. Love the confidence of installing your very own Brisbane made Shutters.

Yes, you can choose from a stunning range of shutters in various materials and colours to suit you. We manufacture and install affordable custom shutters.

If you need help finding the perfect Shutters, simply get in touch with our friendly local Brisbane Shutters team on 1300 394 589. We can help you select from our Brisbane made Shutters, robust Aluminium or natural Timber Shutters.

There are so many shutters and plantation shutters on the market, but one type of shutter stands out from the rest: EziLux PolyShield Shutters. Our PolyShield Shutters can insulate, add privacy to or add vibrance to your home and are the perfect choice of Australian-made shutters from a local Brisbane company.

Our shutters have numerous properties, qualities and benefits which include high durability and an exceptional warranty, low maintenance, efficient insulation, heaps of custom design options and easy installation for most customers.

EziLux PolyShield Shutters demonstrate exceptional durability and come with an amazing warranty EziLux PolyShield Shutters are incredibly durable; so durable, in fact, that we offer a warranty covering any defects in manufacturing, finish and installation for a massive 25 years. Moreover, the paint warranty is valid for 10 years and small parts warranty valid for 1 year.

The exceptional durability of EziLux PolyShield Shutters is a consequence of its material, engineered polyvinyl chloride, which is a thermoplastic with superior mechanical, chemical and thermal properties to other plastic polymers or timbers. The key properties of EziLux PolyShield Shutters are UV resistance, termite free, water resistance and fire retarding. The UV resistance of our shutters is a highly desirable yet unique quality which prevents harsh sunlight from damaging the product over time: for other materials, the sun’s rays result in gradual colour change or a loss of hardness in the structure and warped louvres. PVC isn’t termite food, and the pests can’t get to polyvinyl chloride shutters, unlike timber shutters, which is a huge plus for EziLux PolyShield Shutters. Additionally, water cannot damage polyvinyl chloride because it is highly water resistant and hydrophobic – that is why PVC is often used for other purposes where water resistance is required, such as piping, though the material composition of pipes isn’t quite the same as that of our engineered shutters which require other properties such as UV resistance and rigidity. Another great, relevant property of EziLux PolyShield Shutters is that they are fire retardant. Many other materials, such as timber and certain plastics will burn if exposed to a fire or ignited. Moreover, polyvinyl chloride is corrosion resistant and chemical resistant and much less likely to be damaged by accidental spills.

Yes, our Shutters are custom built to fit your home! EziLux PolyShield Shutters are pretty awesome, but there are more aspects to consider when choosing shutters for your home – the design. If you are right now loving the idea of our shutters, you will be pleased to find out that they can be designed with a wide variety of shuttering options and frame styles, colours, sizes and shapes.

The shuttering options include:
Hinged – unframed or framed,
Hinged Bi-fold,
Track Bi-folding,
Fixed with frames,
Removable fixed.

The frame styles include:

The colours are:
Pure white, or
Natural white.

The louvre sizes are:
64mm, or

The shapes and sizes of EziLux Shutters is tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our team can measure up all of your windows and build custom shutters to perfectly suit the constraints of your home. Additionally, the team is happy to assist you making design choices to ensure that you get the look you are after from the shutters.

Yes, our PolyShield Shutters are Australian Made and in fact, we make them right here in Brisbane!

You can support Australian jobs while buying great quality Shutters, we’re talking about our PolyShield Shutters that are manufactured right here in Brisbane Australia. And because we make our Shutters in Brisbane, they’re designed to withstand the harshest of Australian condition. They won’t crack, chip, warp or hold moisture like many inferior imports.

Shutters may help reduce your electricity bills. Did you know that up to 30% of a room’s heating or cooling can be lost through its windows, especially during those boiling hot Queensland summers? With our PolyShield Shutters, you’ll need less heating or air conditioning energy all year round, making your Shutters a greener solution too.

How much more effective an insulator is EziLux PolyShield Shutters compared to regular shutters? Our shutters can insulate a room up to 70% more effectively than wooden blinds, and up to 1600% more effectively than aluminium blinds. Did you know that around 30% of a room’s warmth is lost through windows? Additionally, the majority of a home’s warmth during the day is gained through the windows. This means that installing shutters that effectively and efficiently insulate a room has a huge positive impact on energy bills and temperature control, and EziLux PolyShield shutters are suitable for the task.

Ezilux offers a free measure and quote to Brisbane and some surrounding area’s. You can also provide us with measurements if you have them available.

We offer competitive prices, and exceptional service. Simply contact the friendly EziLux team today to book your free in-home or office consultation.

Yes, they are virtually maintenance free and easily cleaned. The quality of being maintenance free is largely due to the shutter’s excellent durability and quality construction. Being maintenance free is great – because having to maintain or replace shutters can be a real pain, especially if it costs money. With our Shutters, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the shutters for at least the period of the warranty. Our shutters are also very easy to clean, stemming from both the construction of the structure and the corrosion and chemical resistance of the material. EziLux PolyShield Shutters are built with cleanliness and minimalism in mind to ensure stylishness and to make all areas on the shutters accessible to cleaning. Unlike other materials such as timber, our engineered polyvinyl chloride can withstand most chemicals found in cleaning products which is not only convenient, but allows the shutters to get a good, effective clean every once in a while.

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