Venetian Blinds

Gone are the days of having to use three cords to operate your Venetian Blinds (unsuccessfully). Introducing the new EziLift Venetian Blind, finally this is a one cord operating system. Thanks to the specialized in-house design of a clutch which you can use to make the blind lift, lower or tilt the slats – all with the use of one cord! Our EziLift Venetians are a high-quality product, at an affordable price.

  • Benefits
  • EziLift Venetian Blinds operates with just a single cord.

    • Single Cord Operation – Allows Venetian Blinds to lift, lower or tilt slats, all in one! 
    • Easy-to-use – No Heavy Lifting any more! A specially designed clutch system helps in assisting you when lifting/lowering blades resulting in much less force needed than traditional Venetian Blinds
    • Versatile
    • Sleek and sophisticated
    • Easy to clean
  • Options
  • EziLift Venetian Blinds Types

    EziLift Eco Venetian Blinds (Imported) – Carefully craft are your Venetian Blinds, made from renowned thermoplastic, the absolute home changer! Why? Because not only will you have highly durable, long lasting blinds but also an eco-friendly, energy saving, water resistant, fire retardant and UV resistant product! Not to mention, forget about those termites intruding, they will not be interested (termites free).


    • Pure White
    • Natural White

    Sizes and Shapes

    • 4m is our maximum length and height
    • Our blade width is 50mm

    EziLift Timber Venetian Blinds – Introducing our most gorgeous Basswood Timber Blinds, completely natural, cut to perfection, and built to last, intrinsic to the core, your home will feel complete at last.


    • Wood Grain
    • Pure White
    • Natural White

    Size and shapes

    • 4m is our maximum length and height
    • Our blade width is 50mm

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  • Warranty
  • Our EziLux Venetian Blinds Warranty covers any defects in manufacturing, finish and installation of our product and is valid for 2 years.
  • Installation
  • We believe installation is just as important as the product itself, therefore our professional installation crew are well trained to ensure that the window treatments are safely installed and are operating perfectly.

    Our team work around your schedule, call us today to set up an installation date.

    Before installers arrive, you will need to have removed any existing window treatments, and furniture will need to be out of the way, ready for our installation team to get right to work and transform your home with that oomph its needs.

    Don’t hesitate to ask any questions concerning your installation give us a call on: Ph: 07 3423 0330

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