9 Benefits of aluminium Shutters

Aluminium Shutters Are Non corrosive 

Aluminium naturally has very good corrosion resistance, this is because aluminium forms a thin oxide layer that protects itself from further rust damage occurring. The Aluminium oxide layer is thin impermeable and if damaged repairs itself immediately. What does all this means for your aluminium shutters, simply put, they will last for years even in a corrosive environment. 


Aluminium is highly reflective, great news for reflecting away the sun in summer months, by closing the blinds you will keep your room cool in summer months. However, when closed aluminium shutters will also help trap the existing heat in the room, perfect for winter months when you want to use heaters and keep as much of that warm air escaping though outside through windows.

As strong as steel but much lighter

Typically Aluminium is around 25% lighter than steel while offering close to the same strength. this means that your aluminium shutters will be as strong as steel but light and easy to handle. For this reason you can expect incredible durability and years of satisfaction out of a set of  shutters. 

Cost effective

While aluminium may look very high end and modern it is in fact one of the cheaper options in venetian shutters. Don’t let aluminium’s sleek shiny designer appearance fool you, it is a very affordable option for window covering.

Highly durable

With strength like steel, and a natural barrier against corrosion it is fair to say that Aluminium Shutters are perhaps the most durable of all shutter types. you can expect your aluminium shutters to last years with very little maintenance. simply a light dusting and they will come up looking like new for years and years.

Modern stylish look

Aluminium shutters looks great everywhere, but it really shines in beautiful modern style homes, or even for renovators that want to bring that modern feel to there home. Sleek, shiny, hard edged, and modern looking, these style of shutters have been a go to for years for many top architects to give a finishing touch to modern and minimalistic look homes.

Used on a large variety of window shapes and sizes

Aluminium Shutters come in a huge range of opening types, colors, sizes, frame styles, and louder sizes, making them one of our most configurable shutter types. This means that no matter your needs we will be able to design an aluminium outdoor shutter that works for you. 

Lots of colour and finish options

From glossy white to satin black and everything in-between, the great thing about aluminium used as the material for your shutters is that they can be powder coated this leaves for an endless range of colours to choose from. We can custom powder coat your aluminium to any colour to suit any style of home talk to our friendly staff of how we can customise your blinds today.

Easy to install 

Aluminium Shutters are light weight, durable, and easy to install, designed and cut to fit perfectly you wont have any complications when it comes to fitting this type of shutter in your home

If you are interested in fitting your home with aluminium shutters we suggestion you come into our store or call one of our outdoor shutters Brisbane experts to find out how we can help design the dream shutters for your home.

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