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Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds, where Style meets Simplicity

Experience pure bliss as you roll into a world of happiness through your blinds. Welcome to the realm of EziLux Roller Blinds, where an array of exciting options awaits your selection. Prepare for an extraordinary range that promises to transform your perspective. Our innovative, user-friendly, and stylish roller blinds will revolutionize your space. Discover the paradigm shift you've been waiting for with the installation of our NoiseFree bottom rail, complete with a noise reduction bumper for undisturbed tranquility.

Experience the Luxury!

Our Australian made Roller Blinds are crafted, with only the highest care and quality, select from a wide range of colours, textures and shades of material to suit your home. Each Roller is equipped and operated with a standard stainless steel chain system. Be content with your roller blinds at last!

Built to last longer

Embrace the assurance of superior craftsmanship that comes with our Aussie-made blinds. Our commitment to excellence is backed by a 5-year warranty covering all materials, mechanisms, and components of your blinds. Experience peace of mind that extends over the years, allowing you to enjoy your blinds with confidence and reassurance.

Ready to elevate your blinds to the next level? Upgrade to motorised convenience and sophistication.

Step into the modern era of home comfort and convenience with our motorized blinds. Designed to seamlessly integrate technology and style, these blinds offer a new level of ease in controlling natural light and privacy. Imagine the luxury of adjusting your blinds at the touch of a button, from anywhere in the room. Our motorized blinds ensure a sleek and uniform appearance, free from tangled cords or uneven adjustments. Beyond the convenience, they also prioritize safety, making them an ideal choice for homes with children or pets. Experience the future of window coverings with motorized blinds that redefine comfort, style, and functionality.

Upgrade your blinds to motorized elegance and redefine your living space. With just a touch, you can effortlessly adjust the ambiance of any room, enjoying the precise control of natural light and privacy. Our motorized blinds blend innovation with sophistication, ensuring a clean and contemporary look for your windows. Gone are the days of manual adjustments and tangled cords – say hello to a world of convenience. Not only do these blinds enhance your lifestyle, but they also prioritize safety, making them perfect for households with children or pets. Elevate your home with motorized blinds that embody the perfect harmony of modern technology and timeless style.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Various light filtering options – from heavy to light materials
  • Stainless steel chain
  • Equipped with blind stoppers – to ensure no overhang of material
  • Equipped with chain holder – to ensure no loose chain
  • Aluminium bottom rail – equipped with a silicon noise reduction bumper
Our EziLift Motorized Blinds are a perfect solution for those higher to reach windows. Powered by Somfy or Acmeda motors, we offer two options tailored to your needs. Choose either a wired or wireless option for your motorized roller blinds. Our Automated internal roller range includes a mechanical limit, electrical limit and a wireless battery powered motor, with ultra-quiet performance for minimal noise.

  • Fully motorized roller blinds, wired or battery rechargeable wireless motor can be controlled either by switch or remote controller. With 15 channel remote controller, you can control 15 roller blinds with a single remote controller. 
  • Light blocking/room blocking up to 99.9%
  • Day/night option – varying light filter materials
  • Noise free bottom rail – silicon noise reduction bumper
  • Easy-to-use – switch or controller
  • Highly durable materials/mechanics
  • Products to suit varying budgets
  • Numerous options for colours, materials and textures


AUTOMATE | E tubular AC motors combine the simple, intuitive features of ARC “Automate Radio Communication” with the higher lifting capacity of an AC motor for larger shade applications. Leveling Control allows for precise positioning of individual or multiple shades ensuring perfect alignment every time whilst bi-directional communication ensures you can always keep track of your shades position when integrated into smart home applications.

Wireless (Battery operated)

AUTOMATE | Li-ion ARC motors offer a wirefree rechargeable, easy to use program solution to suit a large range of applications, with varying torques and speed levels. The Levelling Control feature allows for precise positioning of multiple shades ensuring perfect alignment. Additionally, a favourite position can be pre-set and recalled at any time.

Silent Bottom Rail

Every EziLift Chainless roller blind comes with Silent Bottom Rail as standard. Three different colours are available to choose depending on the colour of the fabric.
  • Silver Anodized
  • White Powder coated
  • Black Powder coated
Choose from an exciting collection of fabric patterns, natural fibres and textured materials. Give your guests the ultimate wow factor upon entering your abode.

Choose from varying levels of privacy and light control, as we have an extensive range to select from, down to fringe and trim options and a number of hem profiles to choose from.

Choose whether you would prefer a duo blind option, mounted with a double bracket.

We have an almost endless range of fabulous fabrics to choose from.
Our EziLux Roller Blinds Warranty covers for a period of 5 years for components & 2 years for fabrics.

We believe installation is just as important as the product itself, therefore our professional installation crew are well trained to ensure that the window treatments are safely installed and are operating perfectly. Our team work around your schedule, call us today to set up an installation date. Before installers arrive, you will need to have removed any existing window treatments and furniture will need to be out of the way, ready for our installation team to get right to work and transform your home with that oomph its needs. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions concerning your installation give us a call on: Ph: 07 3423 0330
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