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  • PolyShield Shutters

    Proudly Australian Made

    Licensed Brisbane Manufacturer

    EziLux is your go to for custom shutters at affordable prices.
  • PolyShield Shutters

    Proudly Australian Made

    Licensed Brisbane Manufacturer

    EziLux is your go to for custom shutters at affordable prices.
  • PolyShield Shutters

    Proudly Australian Made

    Licensed Brisbane Manufacturer

    EziLux is your go to for custom shutters at affordable prices.
  • PolyShield Shutters

    Proudly Australian Made

    Licensed Brisbane Manufacturer

    EziLux is your go to for custom shutters at affordable prices.
  • PolyShield Shutters

    Proudly Australian Made

    Licensed Brisbane Manufacturer

    EziLux is your go to for custom shutters at affordable prices.

Polyshield Shutters

PolyShield Shutters: Your Ultimate Window Covering Solution

Crafted to thrive in Australian conditions, our EziLux PolyShield Shutters epitomize durability. Engineered with energy efficiency in mind, these shutters are not only water-resistant, fire-retardant, and termite-proof but also offer unmatched control over light, air, and overall comfort. What sets them apart is their dual suitability for both indoor and outdoor use, making them a versatile choice.

Hassle Free Roller Blinds

Discover the assurance of longevity – our PolyShield Shutters are constructed to endure, accompanied by a 25-year warranty. Embrace peace of mind knowing your investment is safeguarded for years to come. PolyShield Shutters are engineered to withstand extremes of heat, humidity, are fire-retardant and completely impervious to termites. Put simply, the elegant PolyShield Shutters you install today will look just as good in the decades to come.

A New Era of Elegance: Introducing EziVue Tilt System

Say goodbye to the unsightly tilt rod and experience a new level of sophistication with our groundbreaking innovation – the EziVue Tilt System. Crafted in response to evolving customer preferences, this revolutionary hidden gear tilt system reimagines the way you interact with your PolyShield Shutters. Discover a design that seamlessly integrates into the louvers, presenting a sleek profile that doesn't compromise on functionality.

The EziVue Tilt System not only offers a refined appearance and effortless operation but also ensures an uninterrupted view that showcases your space with exceptional clarity. What's more, the newly designed louvers close more effectively, enhancing privacy and light control. This innovative creation embodies our commitment to combining aesthetics and practicality, delivering a window treatment solution that transforms your living environment. Say hello to a new era of sophistication, where elegance meets functionality, and the traditional tilt rod is replaced by the sleek EziVue Tilt System.

Revolutionizing Space Efficiency

Introducing the groundbreaking EziVue Tilt System, a game-changer that eradicates the need for undue clearance. With an astonishingly slim requirement of just 58mm from the window frames, our innovation ensures that space constraints are a thing of the past. For those opting for the Bullnose frame (Z frame), the requirement is a mere 48mm from the window frames. Step into a realm of unrivaled spatial utilization, where PolyShield Shutters become synonymous with smart design and effortless elegance.

Embrace a new era of window treatments that redefine convenience and style, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space without compromising on practicality. Experience the future of shutter systems with EziVue, where space efficiency meets exceptional craftsmanship.

Experience Comfort All Year Round

Escape the sweltering heat of summer and the chill of winter with EziLux Shutters. Our meticulously crafted shutters are engineered to keep your home cool during scorching summers while capturing refreshing breezes. Additionally, did you know that a significant 30% of a room's warmth can be lost through windows in winter?

PolyShield Shutters redefine insulation, outperforming timber shutters by up to 70% and astonishingly surpassing aluminium blinds by a staggering 1600% in efficiency. Make a smart choice for your home's energy efficiency and enjoy the ultimate comfort, no matter the season. Say goodbye to high energy bills and hello to a cozy living environment.

Elevate Your Spaces with Water-Resistant Excellence

Embrace the advantages of EziLux PolyShield Shutters, an exceptional choice for regions with elevated humidity levels. Even if you reside in a more moderate climate, the water-resistant attributes of these shutters open doors to creative possibilities. Unlike traditional shutters that would succumb to warping, PolyShield Shutters retain their integrity. Picture installing them over sinks, in bathrooms, or by a poolside – spaces where traditional shutters might falter. Whether your environment is damp or not, the lasting appeal of PolyShield Shutters remains unaltered, promising durability and aesthetic sophistication.

Tailored to Thrive in Australia

Unlike many shutters that find their way into Australian homes via overseas imports, EziLux takes pride in presenting PolyShield Shutters that are meticulously crafted on home soil. Our shutters are not just designed in Australia – they are skillfully manufactured right here to uphold the highest standards of quality. This commitment ensures you relish not only contemporary elegance and benefits but also contribute to the support of local jobs and families. By choosing EziLux PolyShield Shutters, you're making a statement for style, durability, and the prosperity of Australian craftsmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions

PolyShield Shutters are made of highly durable thermoplastic, a plastic polymer that can be shaped to take on any form, and is also recyclable. Most plastics are made directly from oil and are basically 100% hydrocarbon, whereas our PolyShield shutters are made from 57% salt and 43% natural gas or crude oil extracts. That’s why it is called Polyvinyl Chloride, because the chlorine that’s in the salt becomes part of the Polymer. Therefore the materials of our PolyShield shutters are unique, capable of performing what others plastics cannot, having excellent durability, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation.


Proudly Australian Made

Most shutters sold today are manufactured and imported from overseas; but PolyShield shutters are all manufactured here in Australia. They pass through extensive quality control, to ensure that every product is of the utmost quality before they even reach the market.

Quickest delivery

Since our PolyShield shutters are all locally manufactured, we can guarantee to deliver in the shortest lead time. Most imported shutters, take 8-10 weeks for delivery time. But we pledge to deliver within 2-3 weeks.

Fire retardant and UV resistant

PolyShield is UV stabilised to avoid discolouration, so you can be assured of a great quality product that lasts. PolyShield is also fire resistant and impervious to termites.

Termite free

Unlike timber shutters, PolyShield shutters are absolutely impervious to termites.

Eco-Friendly, save energy bills

PolyShield shutters are an engineered timber substitute that performs better, lasts far longer, and insulates up to 70% more efficiently than traditional wood and nearly 1600% more energy efficient than aluminium blinds.

Water resistant

They are moisture resistant, so you can install PolyShield shutters in highly humid areas like bathroom windows, over kitchen sinks, or windows adjacent to a swimming pool. They are the perfect choice for coastal areas with humid climates.

Long guarantee

Warranty covers for 25 years. If any defects are found, we either adjust or replace them with a fast service process. Our warranty has you covered, so you’ll never have to worry about the finished product.

Maintenance free

PolyShield shutters are built to withstand extreme temperature, humidity, light and normal every day use.
Our material, finish and manufacturing methods ensure that PolyShield shutters will look as perfect in 25 years as they do on the day you bought them.

Easily cleaned

PolyShield shutters are engineered to perform perfectly for life. They are easy to clean. Just dust them like furniture or wipe smudges with a damp cloth. They’ll look beautiful in you home, day after day.

Luxury interiors with value

PolyShield shutters offer the most value in window coverings, than any other type. Their functions are not only to regulate light or insulate, but to bring a luxurious decorating scheme into your home, with attractive looks and enhanced appeal.

Shutter Openings

There are many shutter opening types EziLux can offer, depending on the window types and needs.
  • Hinged – unframed or framed
  • Hinged Bi-fold
  • Track Bi-folding
  • Sliding
  • Fixed with frames
  • Removable fixed


  • Pure White
  • Natural White

Sizes and Shapes

We customise to our client’s needs, we’ll measure up your windows and create your very own tailor-made shutters, ask us about your window today!

Frame Styles

EziLux offers a range of options for the perfect frame for any window style. Choose from frames that mount inside the window opening flush to the wall, or frames that mount on the wall around the window opening. Your EziLux representative will advise you about the best options for your windows.
  • L-frame
  • Z-frame
  • U-channel
  • T-Post

Louver Size

EziLux Shutter louvers come in two different size options

  • 64mm
  • 90mm

Our EziLux experts consider the louver sizes you prefer when designing your window shutters. During your consultation they will discuss which of the shutter sizes best fits your style.

The EziLux PolyShield Warranty covers any defects in manufacturing, finish and installation of our structures and is valid for 25 years. The paint warranty is valid for 5 years. Small parts warranty is valid for 1 year.
We believe installation is just as important as the product itself, therefore our professional installation crew are well trained, to ensure that the window treatments are safely installed and are operating perfectly. Our team work around your schedule, call us today to set up an installation date. Before installers arrive, you will need to have removed any existing window treatments, and furniture will need to be out of the way, ready for our installation team to get right to work and transform your home with that oomph its needs. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions concerning your installation give us a call on: Ph: 07 3423 0330
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