About the Company

EziLux is a local manufacturer of Polyshield Shutters and a variety of other window coverings. Our employees are skilled and backed with years of experience in the window coverings manufacturing field. Every year we also spend a huge investment in R&D (Research and Development) to introduce innovative, well designed and easy-to-use products at an affordable price.

Since the opening of the factory here in Australia we have shortened installation and turnaround times to 2-3 weeks, compared to the usual 8-10 weeks waiting period.

At EziLux, we express our passion and dreams through our products and customer service. With our years of experience and product knowledge, we offer a comprehensive range of shutters with our diverse selection of classic and contemporary materials in order to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Our professional staff confidently find the best options for window coverings, with personalized care and knowledge. We manufacture every product with the finest materials, ready to be delivered within a 2-3-week production schedule.

EziLux truly believes that our company provides the best we can – not just through our products but also in our services, with the most competitive price on the market!

As our products are proudly Australian made, we provides the best quality and price; we take a full responsibility for our own products and customers care.


We, at EziLux are a collective group of experts, having had an extensive amount of experience manufacturing Blinds and Shutters for over a decade, meaning we are well above confident about our products and business. Proudly Australian made, we hold to our reputation of nothing but quality, thats what we offer, and always will.ux’s founders have been the operating force behind J&C Interiors since its beginnings specialising in the commercial and domestic window covering industry, having now established EziLux with a strong team of professionals, we are going ahead, continuing to succeed in what we have always done, creating luxury at ease, with EziLux.



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