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Measuring Your Windows for Roller Blind Installation

A Step-by-Step Guide

At EziLux, we're here to guide you through the precise process of measuring your windows for a professional roller blind installation. Rest assured, it's a straightforward endeavor, and with our comprehensive instructions, you'll be on your way to elevating your space in no time.

Before going further

This is where the fun starts! If you’ve already landed on the perfect fit for your windows, then you’re good to go. Otherwise don't stress, we'll walk you through the design options below.
'Normal' for us means between 300 mm and 3000 mm wide, and 400 mm to 3000 mm high. If your window is wider than 3000 mm jump across to our linked blinds, which can span up to 12 metres.

What you'll need to measure

1-2 people
steel tape

To commence, let's gather the necessary tools. You will require

  • a dependable steel measuring tape
  • a standard pencil,
  • and EziLux Measure Sheets to record your measurements accurately.

EziLux Measure Sheets can be downloaded here.


Determine Your Mounting Type

Next, let's clarify the concept of "mounting type." This pertains to deciding how and where you intend to hang your roller blinds. Begin by inspecting your window. If it boasts a substantial recess frame suitable for accommodating the blinds within, that's ideal. Otherwise, it's no cause for concern. Measure the depth of your window frame; for our EziLux roller blinds, a minimum of 70mm is required.

Account for Obstacles

Conduct a thorough examination of your window. Do any handles or locks protrude? Measure the distance from the edge of the architraves to these obstacles, guaranteeing a precise fit.

Once Your Mounting Type is determined, now you are ready to measure for roller blinds.


Recess Fit Roller Blind
Face Fit Roller Blind

Measuring Inside the Reveal (Recess Fitting)

For windows with a decent recess, you're in luck. Measure the inside width of your window frame at the top, middle, and bottom. If these measurements are relatively consistent, simply record the top measurement, as it holds the utmost significance.

Window Frame Height (Recess Fitting)

In terms of height, measure from the top to the bottom at the left, middle, and right of your window frame. Always keep the longest measurement in mind; this ensures your roller blind will cover your window comprehensively.

Measuring Outside the Frame (Face Fitting)**

For windows without a suitable recess, there's no need to worry. Measure from the edge of one side of the architraves to the other; this yields measurements for face fitting. In cases where your windows lack architraves, remain at ease. Measure inside the window frame and append an additional 80-100mm to your measurement. This extra allowance ensures complete window coverage.

Double-Check Your Measurements

Before proceeding, take a moment to validate your measurements. Double-checking ensures accuracy and provides peace of mind.
Please note that there's no need to make any deductions from your measurements, as our factory will handle any necessary adjustments with precision. 

Place Your Order

With your measurements in hand, navigate to our website. Here, you can effortlessly customize your roller blind order. Enter your measurements, select your preferred fabric and style, and proceed to checkout. Remember to specify whether you require a recess or face fitting.

Professional Installation Option

If you prefer a hassle-free experience, our amiable professional installation team is at your service. Simply opt for the installation service during checkout, and our experts will ensure a flawless fit.


You've successfully mastered the art of measuring your windows for your DIY roller blind installation. Whether it's a snug recess fit or a chic face fit, you're well-prepared to transform your space with elegance and functionality. Happy DIY-ing!
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