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October 02, 2023

Need window coverings for your sliding door? Panel blinds are a great option

There are so many advantages to having a sliding door in your home, and they look incredibly stylish too! Panel blinds are an exceptional choice of covering for your sliding door.

Panel blinds offer a ton of natural light and don’t hinder your easy access to your outdoor spaces. Panel blinds are a great way to maximise the influx of warm and beautiful sunlight in your home. They are an effective solution to the issue with sliding doors: they can be difficult to cover because they are so large. Unlike other window or door coverings, they can easily cover large sliding doors and add valuable privacy to the home. Keep reading to find out more reasons why panel blinds are a great choice of covering for your sliding door.

What are panel blinds?

If you are unfamiliar with them, it may sound like a novelty household furnishing. However, this is far from the truth and they are extremely widespread in some parts of the world, and becoming more popular in Australia. For instance, these blinds are quite popular in Japan, so much so that panel blinds are also well-known as Japanese blinds. Those of you who are familiar with Japanese design know that it places a lot of value in seamlessness and space optimisation. The design of the blind is a great example of this. Panel blinds have been around in Japan for a long time, and have evolved into more modern designs which are the epitome of modern style. After all, what is more modern than seamless, clean and smart design?

Panel blinds are essentially large fabric sliding panels. They move on a headrail which gives an exceptionally smooth operating action and ease of use. This makes them much nicer to use than curtains. Moreover, this prevents creasing and greatly improves their aesthetics. Therefore they can be a great feature of any home with sliding doors. As such, they are becoming more common around the world, especially in Australia, South East Asia, and some areas of the United States of America. Their popularity comes from the fact that they are simple and refined, and that they are the perfect covering for large windows like the windows of sliding doors. They are also very easy to use and require little to no maintenance besides the occasional clean. Simply put, panel blinds are a simple and effective solution to add privacy to the home in a space efficient manner.

Modern look

In addition to their amazing versatility and ease of use, panel slides are incredibly pleasing to the eye and complement modern home aesthetics. They can definitely give your environment a more streamlined feel and as they are elegant and non-obtrusive.

Ultimately, the quality that really stands out about panel blinds is the fact that they provide a seamless and efficient solution to add privacy to the home. Installing panel blinds instead of other coverings can be a great choice which leads to your rooms being far less cluttered and far more comfortable to be in. Moreover, in smartly designed homes these blinds can actually act as a space separator instead of a window covering. It can cleanly provide more privacy between different environments of your home and can be far less obtrusive than other space separator solutions.

Panel blinds offer elegance and simplicity to any space in which they are installed. They are very effective at blocking out sunlight and keeping a room cosier and more relaxed, and add valuable privacy to the home. On top of this, this type of blind can be customised, and the design options on tap are virtually endless. This means they can be designed to complement the aesthetics of, or add a personal character to any home. From simple colour patterns to elaborate custom prints, anything is possible, and the versatility and variety at your disposal is truly inspiring. For instance, you can choose a striking colour or a fancier design, so that when you close the blinds you have a beautiful, stylish space that will wow your family or visitors. Heres another aesthetic benefit of this type of blind: they have a clean design. Most blinds operate with rods, cords or strings which can be unsightly or attract unwanted attention. By contrast, sliding panels are so elegant as a result of their unique design that results in both seamlessness and smooth operation. The modern, contemporary style of panel blinds means that they can be found in many homes, offices, and stores. In particular, they are often seen in upbeat and modern working environments or home offices. The benefit to installing panel blinds as room separators in offices is the fact that they can be fully opened, in order to create a nice communal environment, or they can be shut, in order to create tranquil spaces for people to work, relax, or have some private conversations away from the common areas. Offices are a great place to feature fancy designs on panel blinds such as company logos or themes.

Panel Blinds Are Easy to use

Panel blinds aren’t just functional or beautiful to look at and are also very easy to use. Sliding panels are as easy to use as their name might imply: you only need to slide them back and forth! But, here’s where they get better: the use of a headrail makes them extremely smooth operating, and they won’t bunch up like curtains. The design of the blinds limits damage to the fabric cover making panel blinds retain their modern and seamless look for a long time.

If you are looking for the perfect covering for your sliding doors, panel blinds are most definitely the way to go. Panel blinds are beautiful, flexible, affordable, and incredibly easy to use. You will be pleasantly surprised at what these amazing sliders can bring to your home, office or store, so take a look at what panel blinds EziLux offers on our website or get in touch with the team about this great product.

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