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October 02, 2023

Selecting shutters for your home or office

Have you decided that you would like to install shutters in your home or office? Well you have made a great decision. Practical, durable, and a great way to create more privacy and provide shade within your living or work space, shutters are a stylish way to provide practical solutions for your home.

Once you have decided to install shutters in your home or office the next question you will be faced with is; from what material, would you like your shutters to be custom manufactured? Timber, Aluminium, or PollyShield, each has their advantages, and while for many it might all come down to a simple taste in colour or style it is worth noting some of the practical and atheistic advantages of each.

Our Timber shutters are a favourite with customers looking for old fashion, natural, classic looks. Often grain colour is a big factor for our timber shutter customers, for this reason we have shutters available in three different timbers; Australian made Western Red Cedar, Basswood, And Paulownia Hardwood. With these options finding a grain to match the style of your home or office is assured.

One of the great benefits of wooden shutters is that they can be manufactured into a very large variety of shapes, Round, Sunburst, Oval, Half-moon, Triangle, even Hexagonal. This adds a lot of room to play for the creative home decorator and designer.

When choosing timber shutters usually classic style, shutter shape, and grain of the timber is what our customers are searching for. We can however paint your wooden shutters in a large variety of colours to match the ambient of the space where they will be installed.

5 opening options, 4 frame styles, 3 louver size options and the ability to manufacture a large variety of shapes, timber shutters can be customized to fit almost any window size and shape.

Aluminium shutters offer a sleek metallic modern feel to any home or office. A benefit that a lot of our customers love with Aluminium is the almost never-ending variety of colours you can choose from. At EziLux we can powder coat your shutters to any colour that you can imagine. Glossy, modern, sleek. The solid feel and durability of the metal also adds to the appeal, built with reinforced metals, built to last years on end.

With 4 shutter opening options, 3 frame styles and 3 louver size options Aluminium shutters can be easily customised to suit a wide range of window needs.

Perhaps our customers favourite Shutter, the PolyShield has a wide range of benefits. While only available in 2 colours pure white, and natural white, the physical properties of polyvinyl more than make up for this limitation. Water and UV resistant, Fire Retardant, no need to worry about termites, or rust and backed by a huge 25year guarantee, these are some of the reasons our customer love and choose PolyShield shutters.

6 shutter opening options, 4 frame styles, and 2 louver size options, the PolyShield is very customisable to suit almost any window size and shape.

At the end of the day, the shutter material you choose for your home or office will ultimately come down to, functionality, style, colour, price, and how customised your personal needs are. With all our available materials, customisation options, and years of experience we are certain that we can match you with your dream shutters adding style, value, and comfort to your home or office space.

Give us a call, get in contact with one of our experts now and get started tail suiting your perfect shutters with us.

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