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October 02, 2023

EziLux manufactures shutters right here in Brisbane

Supporting local jobs, EziLux manufactures shutters right here in Brisbane

Local company produces high-quality shutters and other window covers, keeping it close to home.

If you are looking to install new plantation shutter, you’ll be happy to know that there are many options at your fingertips, catering to all price ranges and design needs. However, there is something truly special about supporting a local business, particularly when it is all about passion, care, and quality products – as well as a contribution to the local economy.

This is certainly the case with EziLux, a manufacturer of shutters based right here in the city of Brisbane. We currently live in a day and age when most companies try to outsource their production needs to countries where manufacturing and materials are a lot less costly. This trend might allow companies to save a few bucks in the process, but often at the expense of quality, timeliness, and reliability.

Manufacturing in Australia VS Overseas Facilities

Many brands might be run by Australian companies, but they indeed outsource their manufacturing needs overseas. The reason why these companies prefer to hire foreign contractors for their production needs is obviously that they will be able to cut costs significantly. Workmanship is considerably more affordable in countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand or other major manufacturing havens in the South East Asia region. On the other hand, cheaper manufacturing has a few downsides, particularly in terms of quality control.

EziLux opted for another direction: they are supporting local jobs and hiring people right here in Brisbane to manufacture high-quality shutters.
Besides creating new opportunities in the local job marketplace and supporting Australian families, there are many other perks with having manufacturing facilities based so closed to the company’s headquarters. With manufacturing based locally, it is much easier to ensure quality control, inspect the process regularly and keep close tabs on how things are going. Dealing with a foreign manufacturing contractor might not always be as immediate or transparent, and it is hard to keep someone accountable in case of quality control issues. When working with local manufacturing facilities, companies get to have a better overview of the business, down to hiring workers they can personally vet and trust.

There is also another very significant advantage that can be associated with manufacturing on a local basis: quicker turnaround times. Because EziLux’s factory is based in Australia, the company’s installation and turnaround times are now significantly shorter. The business has, in fact, been able to speed up their turnaround times down to 2-4 weeks, as opposed to some averages of  8-10 weeks waiting timeframe that you are likely to experience from a company operating manufacturing facilities in other countries.

The same applies to troubleshooting and customer service: processing times for customer requests will also be a lot shorter. It takes a lot longer to receive products from manufacturing facilities overseas, and even longer to process things such as returns.

More about EziLux

EziLux was created by a collective of veterans in the manufacturing industry, with a particular focus on blinds and plantation shutters. Thought the years, the team managed to perfect their designs and optimize their manufacturing process in order to offer high-quality products, made with premium materials, assembled with all the care you would expect from a company that’s committed to providing a hassle-free luxury experience.

Besides manufacturing high-end poly-shield shutters, the company also focuses on other window covering products.
In an effort to keep manufacturing closer to home and ensure the highest quality possible, EziLux managed to hire a team of employees who are highly skilled and rely on many years of experience within the industry. Besides hiring experienced craftsmen and working with premium materials, EziLux invests a lot of time, money and efforts in research and development. In other words, the company understands that a great product stems from a great design, and they go to great length to oversee each step of the process, from drawing sketches to retail.

“At EziLux, we express our passion and dreams through our products and customer services.” This is how the company describes its philosophy in a nutshell. The business stems from people who have experienced the ins and outs of this industry and finally decided to create an outlet where to create quality products on their own terms and without cutting corners.

Diverse offerings tailored to your needs and preferences.

If you are looking for new window covering accessories, there are many options out there for you. Shutters are widely considered as one of the best options out there because they offer a wide variety of perks. They can offer a more precise light flow control, so you can use them to reduce or amplify the intake of natural light in any indoor environment in your home. In addition to that, plantation shutters are also a perfect solution for people who are looking for cost-effective ways to further minimize heat in their homes. Many people might not realize this, but the direct heat of the sun entering their homes can cause the inner temperature to rise significantly. If the sun hits a wooden table or a kitchen counter, for example, the surface will get warmer, thus contributing to the overall heat of the room. By keeping the shutters closed, you will be able to avoid heat entering your home through direct sunbathing.
EziLux offers a wide range of Australian-made, fairly priced and high-quality shutters and window covering products that will fit any environment and situation. Whether you’re looking for a slick, modern feel or a more traditional design, you will certainly find plenty of great options that will suit your needs, vision, and budget.

If you are looking to buy high-quality shutters or window covering products, while supporting a local business and jobs in Brisbane, look no further than EziLux
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