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October 02, 2023

Top 5 Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters

Every home needs privacy. Privacy can be achieved by a home in many ways: the most accessible way is to install shutters or put up blinds or curtains, however, each of these household items are quite different and knowing which is right for a home can seem pretty tricky. In reality, knowing which item to install is not difficult, because plantation shutters have plenty of advantages and are commonly the preferred choice for Australians. This article explains the top 5 reasons to install plantation shutters and why choosing plantation shutters is the best way to improve the privacy of your home. In addition, it highlights further benefits of choosing plantation shutters which is not limited to design and style.

Plantation shutters are an increasingly popular feature of any home, which is a consequence of the numerous advantages they have over blinds and curtains. Plantation shutters boast great functional versatility, complement home design and style, have excellent durability, are a form of home investment and can be used to control home temperature and climate. These are the top 5 reasons to install plantation shutters in a home, and each is explained in more detail below.

1. Plantation shutters have great functional versatility

Plantation shutters are an addition to any window frame which is used to prevent people from spying into your home by simply adjusting the slats. This feature of plantation shutters is why they are so incredibly versatile. These slats can be fully closed to block all vision into a space, they can be partially closed to allow outside light but obstruct a neighbour or passerby’s view into that space, or they can be fully opened, allowing natural light to brighten and comfort that space. Household items such as blinds or curtains cannot do this. Partially closing blinds or curtains fully obstructs part of a space and stops sunlight, while not at all obstructing the other area of that space which allows people to peer in.

Plantation shutters are far less limited than blinds or curtains and can complement is home design when included as room dividers. They are commonly incorporated to separate a home office, kitchen or bathroom ensuite from adjacent rooms in order to isolate the atmosphere of that space; allowing people to focus in an office, prepare a meal without pressure, or shower in privacy. Of course, the shutters can be partially or fully opened whenever this is most suitable. This use of plantation shutters is testament to their excellent functional versatility, and their utility is certainly one of the top 5 reasons to install plantation shutters in a home.

2. Plantation shutters complement home design and style

Plantation shutters can be constructed to complement the theme of any household, no matter how pedantic the owner is. Modern or minimalistic designs will often benefit by clean, simple white-coloured plantation shutters. Rustic homes will often be brought to life by wooden plantation shutters which have retained natural colour and texture. Queenslander style homes are a popular design that can feature a variety of shutter designs for an astonishing effect.

Considering the other functional use of plantation shutters, using carefully chosen shutters to divide the home is an exceptional way to improve the quality of home aesthetics and an awesome way to style up spaces and theme or colour the home. For example, glistening white plantation shutters can brighten up a home and wooden textured shutters can add atmosphere to a natural home design. Furthermore, dividing spaces can isolate the theme of a room and prevent styles from clashing, such as that of a bedroom and that of a study. The power of plantation shutters to manipulate home design and complement aesthetics is truely one of the top 5 reasons to install plantation shutters in a home.

3. Plantation shutters have excellent durability

Plantation shutters are very durable. They last and resist degradation. Many blinds or curtains don’t last and don’t resist degradation, and instead tear, stain and suffer sun damage. Plantation shutters are constructed with very sturdy, solid materials and are coated or painted so they don’t tear, don’t stain and don’t suffer sun damage. They are built to absorb any accidental impacts without taking damage and without having their appearance altered negatively. This excellent durability is a huge advantage for plantation shutters, and is definitely one of the top 5 reasons to install them over other household items for privacy. The durability means people really get their dollars worth if they purchase plantation shutters, and eliminates the massive hassle of having to frequently replace damaged blinds or curtains.

4. Plantation shutters are a form of home investment

One of the best reasons to install plantation shutters is that they are a great investment for many homes. They can make a house worth more and sell for more, which is a huge positive for the homeowner. This is because many home buyers love plantation shutters for their numerous benefits, not limited to improving privacy, being stylish, being durable, improving home climate, and adding monetary value to a house, so choosing to install plantation shutters is often a much wiser choice than deciding to put up items such as blinds or curtains. This is especially true considering the excellent durability of plantation shutters, as great resistance to degradation means plantation shatters retain their value for a very long time.

5. Plantation shutters can be used to control temperature and climate

Plantation shutters can be used to effectively control the temperature of the home, increasing comfort and energy efficiency and decreasing power bills. As a consequence of their construction with solid non-fabric materials, they are likely to do this more effectively than a blind or a curtain when installed over a window. Shutters installed at windows can be used to block burning sunlight or freezing gusts of wind. Reiterating their versatility, they can perform this task variably. People who feel only slightly too warm in midday summer could partially close their shutters, while those who would otherwise become a sweating mess in such weather could instead fully close their shutters. By controlling the temperature of the home without consuming electricity, plantation shutters increase household energy efficiency which benefits the environment, decreases power bills and benefits the wallet. The fact that plantation shutters could create savings is another reason they are an investment for a home.

Plantation shutters which are used to divide rooms can be used to control the temperatures of specific spaces of the home. This is very beneficial when residents spend their time in nearby spaces of the home but don’t agree on a most comfortable temperature. Plantation shutters installed between spaces can be used to assist in maintaining the temperature imbalance of, for example, a cool office and warm retreat.

Are you convinced about the awesomeness of plantation shutters? Get in touch with Ezilux to find the type of shutter which best suits your household. Speak to the Ezilux team today get prepared to be awe-struck by the positive transformation of your home brought about by installing plantation shutters.

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