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October 02, 2023

Using Shutters To Divide Your Living Space

Shutters are the perfect option if you want to divide the living spaces in your home. Read on to find out more about the ease and simplicity of this stylish feature!

Flexibility and choice of shutters

If you have a large space that you would like to divide then you should look into the versatility of shutters. For instance, you can make one big room into a smaller living room and a dining area. If you are hosting a big family gathering for Christmas or you’re throwing a birthday soiree, then you can simply fold the shutters back to the side. Then, you have that beautiful large space open again to accommodate your guests. Shutters provide you a range of different choices so that you can alter the room depending on your needs. The best part is that the shutters look so elegant that it will seamlessly blend in with your furniture and interior decor. You won’t have to change a thing!

Using shutters to share a room

Many people enjoy the benefits of shutters when dividing bedrooms. This is a great option for young children who share a room when they need some space and time alone. This will give them some privacy but they’ll also have the option of folding it away when they want to spend time together. Some people have even used these dividers when they are hosting people for Airbnb. Although they may not work for dividing bedrooms they are great for creating “out of bounds” spaces that guests can’t obtrude. Then, when the homeowner has their home to themselves again they simply put the shutters back. There’s just so much flexibility and choice available.

Create a play-haven for your children

As you probably already know, children can get pretty noisy and messy! This is especially true when they are using their imagination and creativity during playtime. As much as we love our children, sometimes we all need our privacy. This is where shutters come in. You can create a private play area with a divider to give your children a “kids only” room. Then, you can listen to the fun and games while you relax on the couch, not being overly disturbed. Whenever you want you can simply slide the shutters across when playtime is over. Even better, if the play area is a mess and you have some unexpected visitors you can just pull over the shutters and get the mess to disappear in seconds! Creating these kinds of boundaries in your home can also give your children a healthy perspective on “their living space” and “your living space”.

If you don’t have children, you can also create a separate space for your hobby. Whether it’s arts and crafts, music, or painting. Take control of your space and get your much needed privacy to relax and dive into your next project!

Using shutters in the kitchen

These days, people are using shutters for all kinds of different purposes! One of the most popular is as a replacement to a door for the kitchen. There are a few reasons why this option has become so common for homeowners. First, it gives the person who is cooking up a storm some privacy from the rest of a household. But it also provides some much-needed ventilation when you’re in the middle of making a delicious dinner. You can also simply close the slats if you want to prevent cooking smell from entering the rest of the house. Additionally, shutters are so easy to clean, which is part of the reason they are so valuable for the kitchen. If any liquid or food gets onto it, all you have to do is wipe it down with a cloth and some warm water.

Use shutters to transform your home into an office

As we all move towards a technological world many of us are starting to work from home. This can cause a lot of problems if you have a small home without a study room or office space. But of course, shutters can divide your home and create a great nook for studying or working. This is a useful option if you have people in your family who need to study or you even have some paperwork to go through. If you install plantation shutters you can also close the slats to give more privacy and noise reduction. Some people even use dividing shutters when they have a small business that they are running from home. A divider can stylishly keep the rest of the home out of sight and out of mind while you conduct your business. After work is over, simply fold the shutter away and enjoy the entirety of your home.

Create a private hatch with shutters

This part of the guide is only relevant to people who have a kitchen hatch. So if you don’t have one of these feel free to skip to the next paragraph to find out more about the ease and simplicity about shutter dividers.

Now, a hatch is a great way to serve food from the kitchen to the dining room. Yet, have you ever had a dinner party with guests and wished you could make the kitchen more of a private space? No one wants to be distracted by noises from the kitchen while they are trying to hold a conversation, and you certainly don’t want them to watch you cook. So what’s the solution? You guessed it! Shutters are a wonderful divider that can block noises and smells from the kitchen, and keep you blocked from sight at you whip up an incredible meal. Then, simply fold them to the side again and you will have your full kitchen back.

As you can see there are countless options when it comes to using shutters to divide your living space. It all depends on what you need and the lifestyle of you and your loved ones.

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