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October 02, 2023

Why Are Polyshield Shutters So Popular?

Interior shutters or Plantation Shutters, as they are sometimes called, are some of the most popular window coverings on the market today and for some very good reasons. Their simple clean lines add a touch of elegances to any space; they provide the maximum amount of privacy of any window covering available as well as providing superior insulation from both the winter’s cold and summer’s heat.

Add to this, the facts that due to not being exposed to the outside weather, they are low maintenance. Not being made of soft materials, like curtains, they are less prone to wear and not having a multitude of moving parts, to break, like blinds and you have superior product that performs well beyond its peers and makes it easy to understand why they have literally been with us for hundreds of years and show no signs of losing their popularity.

 Polyshield Shutters vs. Wood

All the above applies to Plantation shutters in general but what happens when you take all of those same benefits and do them one better by producing them with modern materials. You get Polyshutters, a product that provides all the benefits of traditional wooden shutters with some very enticing added advantages.

Polyshutters and Polyshield Shutters being made, as the name implies, from a highly durable, polymer based thermoplastic, offers superior insulating quality to traditional interior shutters.
Unlike wood, they will not warp in damp climates or dry out and crack when the air is dry.
Their colour is formulated into the plastic itself so they never dull or require painting.
Because they are precision moulded, they are not subject the vagaries of natural wood providing for superior fit and finish.
The process used to manufacture them is less labour intensive and produces less waste so they are generally less expensive than wood shutters of comparable quality.
That is a lot to be delivered from a product that actually saves you money both upfront and over the long haul but poly shutters do just that plus much more.

Unlike Timber Shutters,

  • They are impervious to termites and other pests.
  • They are fire retardant and UV resistant.
  • Being made of plastic, they are easy to clean with just plain soap and water.
  • Beginning to get the picture; Polyshutters are so popular because they give you the best of all possible worlds in one neat little package. They combine classic styling and elegance with the benefits that can only be gotten from using the latest in manmade materials and manufacturing techniques.

If you are in the market for new window treatments, take a step into tomorrow by taking a look at a modern version of a timeless classic shutters, Polyshutters.

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