shutters give you a hamptons style

New Shutters; One Key to Creating the Hampton Look

If you follow Australian home design and style trends then you are probably aware that the “Hamptons Look” is one of the hottest home fashions going and has been for more than a minute. There are some very good reasons for this. The Hamptons themselves are known for their rustic elegance and relaxed atmosphere.

This section of East Long Island, New York, United States is where the rich and powerful come to play but beyond that, it is where those who can afford to go anywhere choose to unwind and escape their high-pressure lifestyles. More importantly for us in Australia though is the simple fact that the nature-inspired, laid back vibe that exemplifies the Hampton lifestyle translates very well to our own nautical heritage and beach loving nature.

What is the Hampton’s look in interior design?

The best way to describe the look and feel of the Hamptons is understated and simplistic. True, it is elegant but more importantly, it is functional and lacks almost any form of ostentatious details. You could almost describe it as the forerunner of the minimalist movement.

The furniture used is almost always either craftsmen or shaker in design with little embellishment. Natural materials such as wood and natural stone are used extensively with even wall covering most often being either cotton, linen or other textile-based fabrics. Wood, rattan and bamboo are favourite for furnishings both indoors and out.

The colour pallet is also nature-based and kept very simple. Soft white and warm beige dominate while splashes of aqua and cobalt blue work beautifully as trim colours. For slightly higher contrast, vibrant coral colours play well off of charcoal hues and create some excitement. The main secret is to create bright, airy spaces and make extensive use of natural lighting.

Architectural details make the Hampton look.

Common sights in the Hamptons are homes with wraparound verandas, glass French doors, oak floorboards, cabinets that are built-in and panelled walls. Many of these details can be traced back to when this area was a favourite homesite for ship’s captains and owners. Horizontal cladding, again reminiscent of sailing ships, and rough brick are favourite outside coverings. Fireplaces are a must. These are usually done in brick or more often in rough stone and mantels of roughhewn oak and native granite are very prevalent.

Windows come in a wide range of styles from leaded panes to wood frame but one of the most popular styles is bay windows with built-in seating.

Proper window treatments for the Hampton look.

As you can imagine by now, window treatments that fit the Hampton style of decor are on the simplistic side. With their true beauty being the details of their construction and installation.

Curtains and Valances

Exposed wooden curtain rods are often seen and the curtains themselves are rarely patterned or of vibrant colours. Valances are almost never used and even when present are subdued in tone.


Shutters as an exterior detail are very common and most often are functional. Windows needed protecting when Northeasters blew in out of the Arctic or homes were left empty for long periods of time. Even today can they still perform these duties well.

Interior shutters such as Plantation Shutters are a staple of the Hampton style. First and foremost, they are elegant in design and appearance. They recall the days of the sailing ships that are so much a part of the area’s history and cultural identity.

They are functional allowing for the amount of light entering a room to be adjusted according to the setting of the slats or positioning of the shutters themselves and just like the homes that are the source of the Hampton look they are designed to weather the storm and stay functional year after year with little to no maintenance.

Of course, these last points are dependent on them being of good quality to begin with. If you are looking to use shutters as a part of your plan to create a home in the Hampton style be sure to buy the best quality shutters available.

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Increase your property value with new shutters

How quality shutters can increase the value of your property and improve the comfort of your home.

Making sure that your property achieves the value you’d hope for can often be quite a challenge. As you may know, the real estate market can fluctuate often, and the value of properties is always influenced by many internal, and external factors alike. In some cases, the economy and the demand will drive the prices and really play a huge role in determining the value of a home at any given time.

Having said that, a well-maintained property where the owners truly poured some work and love into it will always have a higher market value. This is exactly why property owners go to great lengths when it comes to maintaining their assets (in other words, their properties) the highest standards. This includes regular check-ups and inspections, as well as implementing useful and desirable features, which will add value to any home. In particular, if you invested in some amazing features and amenities for your home, this could actually improve its worth over time! One of the best ways to add lasting value to your home is by adding new plantation shutters. Keep reading to learn more about why!

Technology that will stand the test of time.

Plantation shutters have been a popular home fixture for nearly two centuries now. The bottom line is, they aren’t going to go away anytime soon! Many homeowners invest in tech-driven solutions hoping to raise the value of their homes. The main problem is that such solutions could actually get obsolete over time, and become more of a nuisance, than an upgrade! Think of all those decades-old automated gates, for example. When the owner installed them, they were undoubtedly considered state-of-the-art features, which would have impressed many people. However, they’re now kind of clunky and outdated. This will never happen to a homeowner who chooses to install a timeless feature such as plantation shutters.

As their name might imply, plantation shutters first rose to prominence in the colonial age, as they were quite common in big plantation houses in the south of the United States. In those days, it was quite a struggle to keep homes cool during summer, and hot during winter. Shutters were a really practical solution, allowing people to truly revolutionise the way they approached lighting and home insulation. Hundreds of years down the line, we are still enjoying the wonderful perks of plantation shutters, and all the amazing flexibility they bring to the table. With such a rich heritage and a rich number of practical perks, plantation shutters are truly obsolescence-proof.

This is a perfect example of a relatively low-tech solution, which is actually quite a marvel of elegance and sophistication, providing astonishing results that are meant to perform well and consistently for many years down the line. Like a bottle of great vintage wine, a house with good quality shutters will age gracefully, and it will most definitely appreciate over the years.

Versatile, timeless, beautiful.

Plantation shutters are an elegant solution, not only in terms of efficiency but also in terms of aesthetic function. One of the most amazing things about this amenity is that shutters do not simply perform a functional task: they actually look great, and they can add a touch of awesomeness to any environment! Shutters are highly adaptable to a wide variety of environment. For instance, white or lightly colored shutters can add a bright, clean look to a bathroom. On the other hand, wooden or dark shutters can add a cozier look to a bedroom or living room. The possibilities are truly endless. Whether you are a fan of classic, rustic aesthetics or you’re looking to endow your home with a more modern feel, shutters will be the right choice due to their aesthetic versatility.

Energy-efficient and practical.

Plantation shutters aren’t only extremely practical and versatile: they can also help you improve your energy consumption levels, and this is one of the reasons why they’re becoming extremely popular throughout Australia, and elsewhere around the world.

How does it work? Besides the obvious function of letting light in or blocking it, shutters can also provide some insulation, due to their design characteristics. During hot summer days, they can help keep some cool indoors, without exposing your home to the blistering hot air of the driest of summer days. By contrast, shutters can help you even out the temperature of your environment during winter, reducing your energy and heating bill significantly by taking advantage of the natural air flow they allow into the house. Plantation shutters work seamlessly, and they require little to no maintenance, besides cleaning them once in a while and removing any possible debris and dust that might lodge in over time.

These are only some of the many reasons why plantation shutters are the right choice for your home. With their combination of beauty, functionality, versatility, and practicality, they are a significantly better option than alternatives such as blinds or curtains, and they will also stand the test of time, due to their durable designs and timeless looks. If you are looking for simple ways to increase the value of your property on a long-term basis, you should definitely consider plantation shutters, as a way to enhance your home’s worth, without compromising or taking risks with features that might become obsolete over time. The bottom line is that if you decide to invest in some good quality shutters for your property, you just cannot go wrong, and your investment is definitely going to be rewarded in terms of property value.

Guide to buying shutters for your home

Guide to buying shutters for your home

Buying shutters for your home is no small investment and while you may have some idea about the look you are wanting, how can you be sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Shutters come in such a wide variety of styles and materials, not to mention price ranges, that to the untrained eye it can be difficult to make a choice.

Unless they are in the shutter business, how is the average homeowner supposed to know or understand why one shutter cost twice as much as another. Well, it takes years of experience to fully understand all the little differences the account for one shutter being pricier than another but this short guide is a good place to begin to gain an appreciation for what you need to look for when buying shutters for your home.

1. Choose the right company to buy shutters from

One of the best ways to assure you are buying the right shutters for your home is to find the right supplier to buy from. If your shutter supplier is well established with a good reputation the odds are, they are selling quality products and have a good installation team.

Research the company and read their reviews with an eye towards four main areas of concern.

Experience- Avoid new companies who haven’t established a track record in the industry. If they weren’t there yesterday, they may not be there to stand behind their work tomorrow.

Custom made shutters– Mass-produced shutters are never top quality. Your supplier should build each shutter to the exact measurements of your home.

Warranty- If a manufacturer doesn’t have enough confidence to stand behind their product and their installers workmanship then it is a safe bet you probably shouldn’t trust them either.

Qualified installation team doing the work- This is the area that generates the most complaints in the shutter industry. Even quality shutters will not perform well and last if they are not properly installed. Pay special attention to customer reviews and complaint forums regarding workmanship.

2. Start shopping for shutters

Once you have found the right shutter supplier to work with the battle is half won. They should walk you through the process of picking they proper shutters for your location and intended purpose. However, remember the finale choices are yours to make. Below is a list of things you may want to keep in mind when weighing your options. All of these questions may not apply to your particular situations but they should give you a good idea of what to be most concerned over.

Do the shutters fit your home’s climate and location?

Where you live is a major consideration in choosing shutters. Some materials are moister and humidity sensitivity. Others are more prone to corroding in the salt air. Depending on your location you may even need to check a shutters cyclone rating.

Are the shutters for outdoor or indoor use?

Some materials are suitable for both the outside or inside use. Aluminium as an example. Others, like wood, aren’t suitable for the high humidity and harsh conditions found outdoors or for use in areas such as bathrooms or behind kitchen sinks.

What environmental impact do they have?

If you are concerned about climate change You may want to be careful about the shutters you buy. Check out the manufacturer’s environmental record to see if they are producing shutters in a sustainable way.

Are the shutters non-toxic?

If you have pets, children or are concerned with your own health this should be a major consideration. There is any number of cheap powder-coated aluminium and toxic PVC shutters available on the market. Even some of the finishes used on wooden shutters can emit toxic fumes. If you are buying PVC shutters, verify they are certified as toxic emission free. If you are buying wooden shutters make sure they are finished with lead-free paints or non-toxic varnishes.

How are the corners joined?

Many shutter manufacturers short cut their construction process by simply screwing the stile to the rail. This is the cheapest and fastest way to build shutters but not the strongest. mortise and tenon joints or through tenon joints are much more complicated to produce but are considerably stronger. To make sure your new shutters will last make sure proper joinery techniques are used.

Is the shutters hardware top shelf?

The hardware is all the little pieces that keep your shutters together, in place and working properly. Your shutters could be made from the very best non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials known to man but if they are constructed and hung with cheap hardware, they will not last. Beyond this, the quality of the hardware a company uses is a strong indicator of the quality of the company itself.

What are the casement options?

You’ve decided on the style, colour and proper material for your new shutters. Now, you have one more decision to make. That is on your casement or framing options. To an extent, this will be decided by how you want your shutters to function. Hinged panels, bi-fold, sliding or permanently fixed are the most popular choices but depending on your imagination and skill of the shutter installation team the possibilities are almost endless.

Which plantation shutters are the best?

There are many different types of plantations shutters, and with the large variety, a question also arises. Which one is the best for you? The answer may not be the same for everyone. In fact, there are many different types of plantation shutters out there, and the best choice might depend on a number of factors. For instance, the style of your home or your personal preferences might actually play a role in your final decision or in your assessment or what makes the best plantation shutter out there.

Even though it is quite difficult to answer the question and determine what is the best plantation shutter, as mentioned earlier, we have compiled a list of things to consider that might help you find what you need and narrow down your options. Please keep reading to learn more about which plantation shutters are the best for you!

Quality materials

Unlike other window fixtures, plantation shutters are particularly sought after because of their reliable build quality and premium design. The construction of plantation shutters allows them to offer a broader range of flexibility and usability options previously not possible with more traditional tools such as blinds or curtains, only to mention a few. On the other hand, the quality of the plantation shutters might depend greatly on the quality of the build material itself. Some of the best plantation shutters out there are made of wood.

It is important to remember the plantation shutters have more than one function. You may think that they are only used to keep lights in or out of your home. However, they can do a lot more than that. High-quality plantation shutters can I help you save a lot of money on your energy bill because they can provide extra insulation and help your home retain the perfect temperature.

Naturally, the plantation shutters’ capability to insulate the environment will greatly depend on the type and quality of the material used to build the item. Most notably, some of the best plantation shutters for insulation purposes are actually made of wood.

Wood is quite dense and highly durable, and varieties such as poplar are very popular in the construction of the home fixtures, including plantation shutters.
Another popular variety is basswood, which is a little bit softer than poplar, but it is equally as effective.

There are many other options other than wood, especially aluminum and PVC. The former is actually a type of metal and it is highly sought after because of its natural ability to resist corrosion. This makes aluminum plantation shutters perfect for outdoor use.

Wooden shutters might be vulnerable to weathering and other issues while under the harshness of the outdoors whether constantly. However, aluminum shutters will be less prone to weathering especially during the cold season. PVC shutters are a very common alternative for those who are on a budget, but they also work well in a wide variety of circumstances, including extensive outdoors use.

In order to determine which one is the best plantation shutter for your particular needs, it is very important to assess the use you’re going to make of it.

Row, wooden finishes look absolutely stunning and are perfect for indoor use, that aluminum might be the best choice if you’re planning on installing your plantation shutters outdoors.
This is a perfect example of how “best” is actually a very relative term when it comes to selecting the ideal plantation shutters for your home. Even the most expensive and well-made shutters might not last very long if you use them in correctly or put them in the “wrong” place!

Wooden materials are durable, beautiful and stunning in a wide variety of situations. Their classic look simply never gets old and they often a great fit in a lot of environments. There are other options out there, some of which can be cheaper. For example, plastic plantation shutters are definitely less expensive than prized wooden models. On the upside, it is a little bit easier to maintain, because wood can be susceptible to moisture, and this means that you will need to pay close attention to the way you clean your shutters if you want to avoid issues and if you want to make them last as long as they possibly can.

Just The Right Look

Besides the obvious advantages and functionalities, plantation shutters can also help you improve the look of your home and they can become a very important component of your interior design. If you are looking to install plantation shutters mostly for aesthetic purposes, you should definitely consider opting for wood as your build material of choice. Some of the best plantation shutters are made out of poplar, which is actually ideal for stunning matte finishes.

In conclusion

As discussed earlier on in this article, it’s not really possible to determine which ones are the best plantation shutters. The answer is that it depends on your budget, it depends on your home and it depends on your personal taste! The most clever thing that you can do is definitely to do some research and gain a broader perspective of your options. If you have the chance, you can even visit a shop, a commercial expo or a fair, where are you will be able to sample various offerings and discover their quality first-hand


Choosing Shutters or Blinds For Your Home? Follow these tips

Keep reading to learn more about how to pick the perfect shutters for your home

Plantation shutters are versatile, reliable, durable and beautiful. For this reason, they are becoming one of the most popular solution for homeowners who are seeking to optimise their lighting control needs. Unlike traditional blinds, shutters allow users to control the flow of light more accurately, from total darkness, to open and bright. For this reason, shutters are deemed significantly more effective, and are often seen as a smart investment.

If you are considering which shutters to buy for your home, you are probably wondering about the difference between the various offerings on the market. Keep reading to learn more about plantation shutters, and find out more about what would suit your particular needs the best possible way!

Cost and maintenance.

There are many different types of shutters: some of them are luxurious and stunning, while others are cheaper and more understated. If you are looking for a set of shutters that will beautifully complement the aesthetics of your home, you should definitely consider a beautiful wooden model. Some of the best shutters out there are made with prized timber varieties, and they look absolutely stunning in most scenarios.

If you are interested in any of the above, be prepared to shell out a little bit more: shutters made with fine timber and unique wood choices are generally more expensive!
In addition to that, high-end timber shutters might actually be a bit more difficult and time-consuming to clean. These particular products don’t really work well with chemicals, and they can’t be soaked in water, because it might warp the wood or cause it to swell. Household cleaning products are quite hazardous as well because they might actually cause discoloration or other damage to the shutters.

At the end of the day, the best way to take care of fine timber shutters is to go back to basics. Arm yourself with a brush, a lint-free cloth, a slightly damp cloth to remove stains…and a bit of patience!

While maintenance is not really a huge hassle, it might certainly turn off some people. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t really want to clean shutters too regularly, and if you prefer functionality over aesthetics, you might consider cheaper alternatives. Some shutters are made out of more affordable materials, such as Polywood composites (not to be confused with “plywood”). While they aren’t as luxurious as timber shutters, they are a cost-effective option for rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom, or even for outdoor use. In these applications, shutters usually wear out a little bit more, and for this reason, some homeowners prefer to spend more money on great shutters for their bedrooms and use more affordable ones for other areas of their home. This way, they can benefit from the amazing functionality and added benefit of shutters, while saving some money and reducing their maintenance time.

Shutters that aren’t made with prized materials can normally be cleaned with household chemicals or soap, although it is still a good idea to make sure that there is no discoloration happening when you do clean them!

Aesthetics and Design

Shutters aren’t just there to fulfil a purpose or a function: they are a very important part of your home, and you will see them every day! Looks can be important too, and it’s essential to pick a type of shutter that really suits your environment, including in terms of color. You can search the web for inspiration, consult an interior decorator, or even use your best judgment and taste to make up your mind if you already have a very clear idea of what you really want for your home.

If you pick the right color, shutters can become a phenomenal aesthetic addition to your home. They can either enhance the natural look or your home or create beautiful, clever color contrast if you prefer something that stands out. For instance, some homeowners love to use natural wooden or greyscale shades for a more understated look, while others prefer to use vibrant pastel-like color shades, with a stunning Mediterranean feel that appears bright and warm. Others love to decorate their shutter with custom art, such as floral patterns or other motifs. The possibilities are truly endless, and ultimately, down to your personal taste.

Tilting Orientation

One of the most important aspect of your shutters is the tilting orientation. In other words, this is the way in which the slats in your shutter will tilt/turn to open or close. In general, there are two main options: middle-front or side-tilt.
The middle-front is usually the most popular choice, as many homeowners really love the way it looks. On the other hand, others prefer a more open look and decide to go for the second option instead. Before you commit to a purchase, it’s important that you make up your mind on which tilt orientation will work best for you.

Shutters are becoming hugely widespread, and as the demand for them increases, the huge variety is increasing as well. A few years ago, shutters were a niche product, almost exclusively aimed at luxury homeowners. Today, the market is very diverse and fulfills a much broader niche, meaning that you can afford shutters, even if you don’t really want to spend a premium budget on a luxury model, but still want to reap the many benefits that shutters can bring to your home.


How to Clean Shutters

Cleaning shutters is a lot easier than you might imagine: keep reading to learn more!

Shutters have become one of the most common solutions for natural lighting and temperature control for homeowners all around the country. The reason why this fixture has become so popular is that it brings a vast array of amazing features and benefits within one single item. Shutters are generally really aesthetically pleasing, and they will match most interior design looks and styles. In addition to that, their functionality is infinitely more versatile than other solutions, such as traditional blinds, and they are very low maintenance.

In particular, cleaning shutters is quite easy. Keep reading to learn more about the simple steps of the process to make sure you take care of your prized shutters and never let that dust settle for too long!

The Tools You Will Need for Cleaning Shutters

Cleaning your shutter might require some essential tools. In most cases, you’ll want to avoid using too much water or soaking your shutter, particularly if your shutters are made of beautiful timber. As you might know, excessive moisture is not exactly wood’s best friend, and in the long run, using too much water to clean your shutters might indeed cause the wood to wear out, swell or warp, if you are very unlucky.
The same can be said for chemical cleaners and other household products. Many plantation shutters are made with materials that can lose their color and liveliness if you expose them to harsh chemical cleaners for a long time. The best approach is to use a few simple tools:

  •  A dusting cloth, possibly lint-free.
  • A small dusting brush
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A brush or small mop that can be soaked in water

How to approach the cleaning

The first thing you will want to do is definitely to look at the broader picture, so to speak. By that, I mean that you should focus on cleaning smaller areas and nooks later, but first focus on giving your shutters a broad, overall initial clean-up. A vacuum cleaner can be absolutely perfect for this. You can use it to remove as much dust and dirt as possible, before moving on to the next step. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner that’s suitable for the application, or if you simply do not wish to use one, you can do the same with a dusting brush or cloth.

The next step of the cleaning process will require you to look closely, and clean the space in between each shutter. This location might not be easy to access with the initial “broad strokes” cleaning, so you might want to take your time and do each shutter individually, so you make sure you catch as much dust and debris as you possibly can.

After the second step, you can move on to the next. You can use a small brush, mop or cloth to gently soak it in water. Make sure that the tool you use is not dripping wet. As mentioned above, too much water might actually damage your shutters in the long run. While you will need a little bit of water to enhance the accuracy of your cleaning operations, it is important to remember that too much water is not recommended, and it might do more harm than good.
Once you make sure you drained away all the excess water, use your mop, brush or cloth to scrub any area that might seem stained or sticky. If you want to, you can use lukewarm water, which might help you remove the most stubborn stains.

Once you have done this, it is important to use a dry cloth to remove any water residue that you might have left behind. Don’t skip this step, as it is critical to preserving the long-term health and durability of your shutters!

Not all shutters are created equal: if you have plastic or polywood shutters, for examples, you might be able to use cleaning chemicals without worrying too much about ruining high-value timber. This might make the cleaning a bit faster if that’s your case. The methods should be just about the same as described above, only by using your chemical of choice instead of simple water.

In some cases, exterior shutters might be challenging to clean, because dirt, bird droppings or other debris can get stuck in there. Even mold can become a problem! In most cases, soap, chemicals or bleach can do the trick and help you restore the cleanliness of your shutters, but you need to pay close attention before you go on and treat your shutters to any given product, as chemicals might cause surface discoloration. If you aren’t exactly sure, and if you don’t feel like taking any risks, you can treat a small area first, using it as a “patch test” before moving on to the rest of the shutters.

How often should I clean my shutters?

This is a difficult question to answer because the frequency and amount of cleaning you will need to do will vary depending on where your shutters are located. For instance, an outdoor shutter installation will require more aggressive and more frequent cleaning than your bedroom shutter in the vast majority of cases.

In addition to that, certain shutters located in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens could be prone to accumulating grease or other residues, particularly if they are close to a sink, with water splashing all over, or a stove top.

There is no set rule as to how often you should clean your shutters. The best habit you could adopt is to use your judgment. Does your shutter look like it might need a little extra love? Can you spot dust or stains? If the answer’s yes, by all means, feel free to clean your shutters!

In conclusion, It’s highly recommended to keep your shutters clean reasonably regularly: this will allow you to enhance their durability and make sure that they look great and work well for many years to come.

5 Reasons why shutters are so popular in homes today.

5 Reasons why shutters are so popular in homes

Plantation shutters are becoming an increasingly popular home addition and for a good reason. This amazing fixture is particularly perfect for any type of home, and it can offer a wide a wide range of fantastic benefits. Keep reading to learn more about five reasons why shutters are becoming so popular in homes today!

1) They look great

When it comes to window furnishings, there is quite likely nothing as attractive and seamless as shutters. They can become a piece of decor of sorts on their own, besides performing their primary function!

With their distinctive look and understated elegance, shutters look great by virtue of their own design. This is a perfect example of how functionality seamlessly integrates with pleasant aesthetics, making for an excellent choice for people seeking more flexibility, without compromising in terms of looks and elegance. Shutters are an excellent choice, whether you are looking for an elegant look or something casual and relaxed. Unlike regular blinds or curtains, shutters are more seamlessly integrated with your space, and they are never in the way. It is usually very easy to keep them clean and fight off the dust, making for a much nicer and healthier environment.

Since they are available in a wide range of aesthetic styles, materials and color choices, shutters can comfortably fit any type of window or door opening, making for an excellent choice for many applications, and they are indicated for many different home types.

2) Enhanced durability and increased flexibility

Shutters are much more durable when compared to other alternatives, such as curtains or blinds. Most models are built to last with premium materials, which aren’t only sturdy and reliable, but also great looking, as mentioned earlier. Other window furnishings, including blinds, might present a wide variety of issues when compared to shutters. For instance, blinds can be prone to breakage, due to the clumsy multitude of parts included. Their chords, chains and other knick-knacks can easily fall apart, and they can become a true choking hazard for children or pets.

Curtains don’t age well, and they require consistent maintenance; otherwise, they might build up mold, or become infested by bugs and parasites, not to mention the high amount of dust, debris germs and bacteria nesting deep within the fabric and accumulating throughout the years. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, can be cleaned pretty easy, and are generally very low-maintenance: you will only need to dust them and wipe them now and then, and you are good to go!

When you spend some money on quality windows furnishings, you might want to make sure you get the most durable solution out there. Shutters are most definitely the best bang for your buck. These well-designed furnishings are seamless and easy to use, requiring little to cleaning and maintenance.

In some cases, plantation shutters can even improve the value of your home. Many investors, real estate professionals and home buyers see them as an added value since they are among the most prized and sought-after features, high up on the checklist for people seeking for a great new place to call home. This is a good thing to consider, should you ever decide to put your property on the market, rent or lease!

3) A great way to save energy

Shutters can contribute to big energy savings in your household. First and foremost, they can effectively allow a lot of stunning natural daylight to come in, meaning that you will not need to turn on your electric lights when it’s sunny. If you are looking for ways to optimize the energy consumption expenses in your home, installing shutters is a perfect solution, because it can help you reduce costs related to illumination, as well as heating (more about that in the following pointer!)

4) Not only light control but also insulation

Shutters aren’t just for light control. They can help you effectively block the heat of the sun rays, allowing you to enjoy a cooler home, without the need to spend big bucks on your energy bills. Shutters are significantly more effective than blinds and a lot more flexible than curtains since you can determine how much light comes in in no time at all.

5) Improve your privacy.

Shutters are a great option if you are looking to enhance the privacy of your household, and this is the reason why many home owners love to choose shutters for their bathrooms and bedrooms specifically. Shutters have the ability to shelter your room from indiscreet eyes, and they offer much more privacy protection than blinds or even curtains.

blind and shutter

Update your old blinds to shutters for a modern look

Learn why shutters can become a truly flexible alternative for your window covering needs.

The decision to update your old blinds to modern shutters can be an important one, and there are a variety of facets to consider. In this article, you will find some information to help you make a decision that is the best for your home.

What is the difference between blinds and shutters?

With so much variety on the market, it can be an intimidating task to choose between blinds and shutters. If you are particularly focused on trying to create a more modern look for your home, you should definitely consider shutters over blinds. The latter is a more old-fashioned design, and while it can still be a hit among old-school homemaking aficionados, it is certainly not the most popular option for people who actually prefer an edgier, contemporary home design feel.

Main characteristics of blinds:

  • Very affordable and easy to install, blinds are one of the most economical window covers on the market.
  • Blinds are available in a broad assortment of materials such as aluminum, vinyl, bamboo or wood.
  • They can be opened to the full extent, or the slats can be partially opened.
  • Blinds come in vertical or horizontal designs.

Main characteristics of shutters:

  • Shutters are sturdier and much more durable than the average blind or other forms of window covers.
  • Shutters can completely hide your indoors, thus providing you with complete privacy in any given scenario.
  • The slats of a set of shutters can be adjusted to suit your privacy needs.
  • Shutters are really great at totally blocking light – for this reason, they are often a favorite installation in bedrooms with large windows, where excessive light in the morning is not desirable. Installing shutters in a living room or bedroom area will give you more control over the amount of light you want to transfer from the outdoors, to your indoor spaces.

A few practical reasons why shutters are better than blinds

Shutters are generally considered to be higher quality than the average blinds, and the sheer concept of their design is much more effective at controlling the flow of light from the outside world. Most shutters are actually offered with long-term warranty options, as they are extremely durable and can last a lifetime. Window shutters are readily available in a wide range of different styles and can suit any type of home. Shutters are not only great at controlling light: they can also help you fight the heat. If you close your shutters down on a really hot day, your indoor space will be less vulnerable to the direct heat of the sun, warming up surfaces around your home, thus increasing the average indoor temperature of your spaces.

Maintenance and safety

Shutters are really easy to clean and maintain. In many cases, there is really nothing particular you should be aware of – cleaning your shutter could be as simple as cleaning any part of your home: rinse it once in a while, remove the dust and make sure everything is installed the right way for maximum efficiency. When cleaning shutters, it is important to remove dust, and it can easily be done by using a soft duster. This tool is inexpensive, effective and safe, as it won’t cause any harm to the shutters. For a more in-depth cleaning session, you can even use a slightly damp lint-free cloth to wipe the shutters down. When you really want your home to shine, you can even consider spraying some furniture polish for an extra slick look. Every now and then, you might want to consider doing a more in-depth maintenance session. Dust and other debris could deposit in hard-to-reach sections of the shutters that might not be accessible with a simple duster. Some people love DIY hacks and often come up with cool ideas, such as using toothbrushes to clean up spaces that are hard to reach.

When and why should you replace your old blinds

Modern aesthetics: shutters are the way to go if you are looking to modernize the vibes and looks of your home.

Too old, do something different: are you tired of your old blinds or are you simply looking for something different? Look into shutters: you won’t be disappointed and it will be hard to even consider switching back to blinds.

Better design: Shutters are incredibly more efficient than blinds. They allow users to control the flow of light in a very precise way – from bright and open, to total darkness, and everything in between. In addition to that, shutters also allow users to manage heat in their own space but reducing the direct heat of the sun from entering their homes.

Shutters are easier to use: I feel silly even writing this because there is no “how to” needed – the design is seamless and very user-friendly.

What kind of shutters should I buy?

Before you purchase your shutters, it’s better to take a look around and do some research, so you can gain a much better perspective on your options and get to know what’s out there. Make sure that you find the kind of shutters that work best for your lifestyle and your home, not only in terms of practicality but also in terms of style and looks. The idea shutters should be a combination of modern looks and flexible features. Try look for an Australian manufacturer of Shutters such as us here at EziLux.

drilling shutters together

Ezilux manufactures shutters right here in Brisbane

Supporting local jobs, Ezilux manufactures shutters right here in Brisbane

Local company produces high-quality shutters and other window covers, keeping it close to home.

If you are looking to install new plantation shutter, you’ll be happy to know that there are many options at your fingertips, catering to all price ranges and design needs. However, there is something truly special about supporting a local business, particularly when it is all about passion, care, and quality products – as well as a contribution to the local economy.

This is certainly the case with Ezilux, a manufacturer of shutters based right here in the city of Brisbane. We currently live in a day and age when most companies try to outsource their production needs to countries where manufacturing and materials are a lot less costly. This trend might allow companies to save a few bucks in the process, but often at the expense of quality, timeliness, and reliability.

Manufacturing in Australia VS Overseas Facilities

Many brands might be run by Australian companies, but they indeed outsource their manufacturing needs overseas. The reason why these companies prefer to hire foreign contractors for their production needs is obviously that they will be able to cut costs significantly. Workmanship is considerably more affordable in countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand or other major manufacturing havens in the South East Asia region. On the other hand, cheaper manufacturing has a few downsides, particularly in terms of quality control.

Ezilux opted for another direction: they are supporting local jobs and hiring people right here in Brisbane to manufacture high-quality shutters.
Besides creating new opportunities in the local job marketplace and supporting Australian families, there are many other perks with having manufacturing facilities based so closed to the company’s headquarters. With manufacturing based locally, it is much easier to ensure quality control, inspect the process regularly and keep close tabs on how things are going. Dealing with a foreign manufacturing contractor might not always be as immediate or transparent, and it is hard to keep someone accountable in case of quality control issues. When working with local manufacturing facilities, companies get to have a better overview of the business, down to hiring workers they can personally vet and trust.

There is also another very significant advantage that can be associated with manufacturing on a local basis: quicker turnaround times. Because EziLux’s factory is based in Australia, the company’s installation and turnaround times are now significantly shorter. The business has, in fact, been able to speed up their turnaround times down to 2-4 weeks, as opposed to some averages of  8-10 weeks waiting timeframe that you are likely to experience from a company operating manufacturing facilities in other countries.

The same applies to troubleshooting and customer service: processing times for customer requests will also be a lot shorter. It takes a lot longer to receive products from manufacturing facilities overseas, and even longer to process things such as returns.

More about Ezilux

EziLux was created by a collective of veterans in the manufacturing industry, with a particular focus on blinds and plantation shutters. Thought the years, the team managed to perfect their designs and optimize their manufacturing process in order to offer high-quality products, made with premium materials, assembled with all the care you would expect from a company that’s committed to providing a hassle-free luxury experience.

Besides manufacturing high-end poly-shield shutters, the company also focuses on other window covering products.
In an effort to keep manufacturing closer to home and ensure the highest quality possible, Ezilux managed to hire a team of employees who are highly skilled and rely on many years of experience within the industry. Besides hiring experienced craftsmen and working with premium materials, Ezilux invests a lot of time, money and efforts in research and development. In other words, the company understands that a great product stems from a great design, and they go to great length to oversee each step of the process, from drawing sketches to retail.

“At EziLux, we express our passion and dreams through our products and customer services.” This is how the company describes its philosophy in a nutshell. The business stems from people who have experienced the ins and outs of this industry and finally decided to create an outlet where to create quality products on their own terms and without cutting corners.

Diverse offerings tailored to your needs and preferences.

If you are looking for new window covering accessories, there are many options out there for you. Shutters are widely considered as one of the best options out there because they offer a wide variety of perks. They can offer a more precise light flow control, so you can use them to reduce or amplify the intake of natural light in any indoor environment in your home. In addition to that, plantation shutters are also a perfect solution for people who are looking for cost-effective ways to further minimize heat in their homes. Many people might not realize this, but the direct heat of the sun entering their homes can cause the inner temperature to rise significantly. If the sun hits a wooden table or a kitchen counter, for example, the surface will get warmer, thus contributing to the overall heat of the room. By keeping the shutters closed, you will be able to avoid heat entering your home through direct sunbathing.
EziLux offers a wide range of Australian-made, fairly priced and high-quality shutters and window covering products that will fit any environment and situation. Whether you’re looking for a slick, modern feel or a more traditional design, you will certainly find plenty of great options that will suit your needs, vision, and budget.

If you are looking to buy high-quality shutters or window covering products, while supporting a local business and jobs in Brisbane, look no further than EziLux
Find out more here.


Why Are Polyshield Shutters So Popular?

Interior shutters or Plantation Shutters, as they are sometimes called, are some of the most popular window coverings on the market today and for some very good reasons. Their simple clean lines add a touch of elegances to any space; they provide the maximum amount of privacy of any window covering available as well as providing superior insulation from both the winter’s cold and summer’s heat.

Add to this, the facts that due to not being exposed to the outside weather, they are low maintenance. Not being made of soft materials, like curtains, they are less prone to wear and not having a multitude of moving parts, to break, like blinds and you have superior product that performs well beyond its peers and makes it easy to understand why they have literally been with us for hundreds of years and show no signs of losing their popularity.

Polyshutters vs. Wood

All the above applies to Plantation shutters in general but what happens when you take all of those same benefits and do them one better by producing them with modern materials. You get Polyshutters, a product that provides all the benefits of traditional wooden shutters with some very enticing added advantages.

Polyshutters being made, as the name implies, from a highly durable, polymer based thermoplastic, offers superior insulating quality to traditional interior shutters.
Unlike wood, they will not warp in damp climates or dry out and crack when the air is dry.
Their colour is formulated into the plastic itself so they never dull or require painting.
Because they are precision moulded, they are not subject the vagaries of natural wood providing for superior fit and finish.
The process used to manufacture them is less labour intensive and produces less waste so they are generally less expensive than wood shutters of comparable quality.
That is a lot to be delivered from a product that actually saves you money both upfront and over the long haul but poly shutters do just that plus much more.

Unlike Timber Shutters,

  • They are impervious to termites and other pests.
  • They are fire retardant and UV resistant.
  • Being made of plastic, they are easy to clean with just plain soap and water.
  • Beginning to get the picture; Polyshutters are so popular because they give you the best of all possible worlds in one neat little package. They combine classic styling and elegance with the benefits that can only be gotten from using the latest in manmade materials and manufacturing techniques.

If you are in the market for new window treatments, take a step into tomorrow by taking a look at a modern version of a timeless classic shutters, Polyshutters.

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